Fiona's Rider Diary
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2011-01-02 21:16:16 (UTC)

What a strange strange day...

Wow. Just wow. I have been so absorbed in my art, I forgot to make an
entry in a while! I apologize! So anyways, happy late new years and I
hope you all had fun! I got to spend my New years with Katie. We made
resolutions and we screamed out the window as we threw the torn up
resolutions. That was pretty much the night, I was sooo tired. Today I
read up that DeviantART had a hacker on the loose, so I deleted my bad
account and madea new one. They recomend that you change your password
every 6 months, which I think is a splended Idea considering the
non-prompt, slow, careless staff.

On howrse, I have been talking to my friend Kat and roleplaying
no-stop. It's fun, but I feel as if I have been neglecting my howrsies 3: