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Writers Block (2,094 wds.)

Writers Block
D’Arc Tangent

Darkness had fallen, and he sat in front of his computer, trying
hard to work on his novel. His attention was constantly drawn
elsewhere. He needed so much to focus, but as hard as he tried, he
could not. All he could think about was her. Where was she? It
had been almost two weeks since they last spoke, and he missed her
so very much. Again he turned to his work, edited a few lines, then
opened up FreeCell, and played the computer game for a bit, trying
hard to get his mind to focus.

Off to the side of his screen, he could see the INBOX label of his e-
mail go bold, telling him he had an e-mail.

“More spam.” He thought to himself, but at least deleting it would
give him a distraction, so he tabbed to his e-mail program and he
saw it was not a spam message, it was from her. Clicking the letter
open he poured over the text.

“Lunch time at work, and I have some time, are you free to Skype?”

He did not bother answering the message, instead, he fired up his
chat program, and his heart jumped in his throat when he saw she was

“I have missed you so much.” He typed.

“I have missed you too. What are you doing tonight?” she asked.

“Trying to focus on the novel.” He said.

“I am sorry, I should let you go.” She replied, and he could read
the disappointment in her text.

“No, please, I can’t focus. I have missed you so much, that all I
can think about is you, and not the story.”

“I only have an hour, will that help you focus?”

“Being with you would help me focus.” He typed back.

“Is your camera hooked up?” she asked, and he responded with an
affirmative, and without asking any further, he clicked on video,
and his picture appeared in the lower corner of his screen, even as
the full picture appeared on her side. “Turn the camera to the
side.” She asked, and he did as commanded.

Half a world away, unseen by him, she closed her eyes, calmed her
breath, and took in the image on her screen into her mind, and
focused. When she opened her eyes again, she was standing next to
him. He could see the thin silver cord attached to her back without
even having to focus.

“Let us see if we can’t get your juices flowing again.” She said,
giggling at her double entendre as she wrapped her arms around his
neck and kissed him. He waited for her to finish because he did not
want to end this kiss any sooner than she wanted, but eventually she
pulled away, and took his hand, walking him over to his bed on the
far side of the room.

She kissed him again, and the kiss was tender, loving, caring, as
she unbuttoned his shirt. As her fingers worked their way down his
chest, he pushed the dark blue blazer off her shoulders. She was
dressed in her classroom attire which excited him immensely. As she
pushed the shirt off his shoulders, he pulled back, letting it fall
behind him as she did the same with her jacket. She took his hands
and placed them on her breasts, and he held them there for a moment,
before starting to undo the blouse. His fingers shook with
excitement as each button gave way to his touch until he could see
the white lacy bra appear under her shirt. The back of his fingers
slid across her cool, smooth skin as he undid her shirt, and slipped
it off her, letting it fall to the floor. She reached behind her
and undid the bra, sliding it off her arms ad wrapping it around his
neck as she pulled him toward her to kiss him in a hot, full mouth,
passionate kiss.

His hands wrapped around her body, pulling her close as they
kissed. Their passion was a red hot poker of desire searing them
together, and as they kissed, his hands slid down her back to the
waist of her skirt, and he undid the clasp at the back, and pushed
down the zipper, loosening her skirt. As his hands moved across her
back, they tingled as they passed through the intangible cord at her
back. Insubstantial, invisible to all but the most aware,
nonetheless it had a definite presence. As he pulled back from
their kiss, and he looked into her cool, blue eyes, framed by her
long blonde hair, he held his hand up before her, and through the
sight granted by her heightened state of awareness, she could see a
long, thin blade form where his hand should be. It glowed with the
same silvery light as her cord, but she just hung her head down,
slowly shaking it back and forth.

“I cannot stay.” She said, “I am here, for you, because my heart
aches for you as much as yours does for me, but I have to go back.
Do not cut the cord, please.” And a sadness crossed his eyes as the
shining silver blade vanished as easily as it appeared. He kneeled
before her body, and pulled her skirt down over her hips. She was
wearing plain, white cotton panties and stocking. She kicked off
her stiletto heals and let him pull down her panties. Her close
shaved snowy down presented itself to him, and as he continued to
pull her panties off, his tongue licked along the thin line between
her legs, and she grabbed the top of his head to steady herself as
she stepped out of her panties.

He continued to lick her for a few minutes then slowly stood up, and
back from her, as she then kneeled before him, and undid his belt.
Unbuttoning his jeans, she pulled down his zipper, and slid his
pants down. As was his habit, he was commando, so the moment his
pants freed his hips, his erect manhood was there for her. She
stopped pulling down his pants long enough to position the massive
appendage into her mouth, sucking on the tip, as she continued to
pull his pants off his legs. He braced himself against her as he
stood on one foot, then the next, helping her, and once the pants
were off, she went back to fully taking him in her mouth. Softly
she stroked his shaft as her mouth and tongue played across the tip
of his manhood, and when she thought he was getting close, she
stopped, stood up, and guided him to his bed.

He lay upon the sheets, and she climbed on top of him, her legs
straddling his, and she took his erection in her hands and rubbed it
along the thin line between her legs, exciting herself. She could
feel how wet she was becoming, but she pressed the shaft against his
belly as she lay atop him, holding him in place with her body as she
kissed his mouth. His arms wrapped around her, holding her to him
as they kissed in a loving, passionate, embrace. As they kissed,
she moved her torso, sliding slightly up his body, then down,
massaging him with her body. He could feel the hairs between her
legs caress his inflamed head, and he could feel himself getting
ready, then she sat up, and freed him from her ministrations. She
sat on his legs, her arms over her head as she stretched, and he
marveled at her body. Her white, round breasts, with the soft,
brown nipples, begging for his fingers, his mouth. She leaned
forward and her breasts closed in on him, and his hands took them
eagerly, caressing them softly, carefully pinching the nipples
between his thumb and finger before taking one of the tender breasts
in his mouth. His tongue played across the nipple as his hands held
it to him, before one hand pulled away and slid between her legs,
feeling for the wet, slick spot between her legs, and her sudden
gasp told him he found what he was looking for. His fingers went
into her, feeling inside her, listening to the soft cries, and
subtle moans as his fingers found the spots he was looking for.

She pulled away from his mouth, freeing her breast from his tender
lips, then leaned forward and kissed him as he continued to fondle
the tenderness between her legs. Her mouth was hot and wet, and
wanting, and thirsty for his, but the gyrations of her hips on his
fingers let him know she was ready for more. He pulled his hand out
of her, and she again position her body over his, guiding his
erection into her, then settling her body atop his hardness she
whimpered as he entered her deeply. She continued to kiss him as
she stroked him with her hips, and his fingers played on the exposed
nerve just above where he had entered her. The two were like a two
piece orchestra, each one playing their own instrument, in unison
with the other, so that the music they provided was pleasurable to
both of them.

She leaned forward, and wrapped her arms around him, then sitting
up, she pulled him up, and over, and as she fell back onto the bed,
they changed positions so that now she lay on her back, her legs in
the air, spread wide to allow him access as he repositioned himself
to slide into her again. His hands slid under her buttocks, lifting
her up as he thrust into her hard and deep. Her legs braced
themselves over his shoulders as his body pounded into hers, forcing
himself as deep into her as he could go. Each thrust was punctuated
by a moment when having entered as deep as he could, he held himself
there, then slowly pulled back, then thrust again into her, and each
time he did so, she whimpered in a mix of pleasure and pain. She
bit her lower lip as he thrust into her and lifted her hips to help
him go deeper. She could feel him inside her, and knew he was
getting so very close. As he pulled back once more, she pushed him
further away until he came out of her, then she pulled him onto her,
his body pressed against hers as he released himself, his hot seed
oozing between their flesh. He pulled away, and massaged the thick
liquid into her skin, coating her body in a thin, sticky sap.

“Well, now that was a lot of fun.” She said, but we have…” and she
looked at her watch, “Oh my, 30 minutes left in my lunch hour. Do
we have time for a quick shower?” she asked.

“I am sure we can mange that.” He said, as he gathered up her
clothes and the two of them walked naked to the bathroom. He
prepared the shower as she slid out of her hose, and he pulled off
his socks, and the two of them got into the hot spray together.

As they each made sure they were completely wet, he grabbed the tube
of lavender shower gel, and squeezing a small amount into his hands,
he started to wash her body, starting with her belly, then up to her
breasts, caressing each one as he did so, then her shoulders and her
arms. She turned around so that he could wash her back, and her
buttocks, and her legs. Once she was cleaned up, she repaid his
service with kind, spending more than a little time making sure his
manhood was clean, before the two of them climbed out of the shower
and they toweled each other off. Quickly, she dressed, sliding her
panties and her stockings on, then her skirt and her top. She
grabbed her blazer, kissed him and faded into the ether.

He ran down to his office, and looked at the screen. She was
sitting in her seat, smiling at him.

He looked down, smiled, and picked something up off the floor.

“I think you forgot something.” He typed.

“What?” she asked and he held up her bra. Her face turned bright
red as she looked down her top, and realized she was not, in fact,
wearing her bra.

“Can you bring it over tonight?” she asked.

“Count on it.” He said, then added, “And thank you. Thank you ever
so much. I think I can focus a bit better now.” And the screen went

In her office, as she closed down her laptop, a colleague poked his
head inside her office door. As she turned to face him he got a
puzzled look on his face.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Fine.” She said, and the timber of her voice was a little higher
than she would have liked.

“Sorry, you just look kinda flushed, and…” he paused a moment, then
said, “And is your hair wet?”

“Yes,” she said, staling a moment, then added, “I went to the
grocers at lunch, and as I was picking some vegetables, the misters
came on. I must look a fright.”

“Actually, it looks good on you.” He said then as he took in a
breath said, “Are you wearing lavender?”

“New body wash.” She said, “Is there anything else?”

“No,” he said, “No, sorry, good day.” And he left her alone in her
office. Once more she looked down her top, then smiled and thought
to herself, “Tonight.”