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2011-01-02 15:49:02 (UTC)

New years!

This new years was great! The last week I've had a whole bunch of
mates come over.

Kat's boyfriend is a gun. I feel the universe sent him my way to
remind me to make the world a happier place and more tings will come
my way subsequently.

Like Amy, one of the girls who came over. My old boss. We fucked. And
it was for my positive attitude that it happened. She just wants to be
mates however, though I know that there was a lot of love shared
between us that night. I love loving people. Looking deep into her
eyes and feeling admiration and awe for her soul.

The morning was different for her, it had gone, she couldn't meet my
eyes and I guess I don't mind, but I feel a little sad because we
could be something special.

We all 5 of us, Kat, Amy, Gabs, Elana, and me, went and climbed the
mountain up to Pieve and drank at Pina's bar from 3 to 6. Jake and
Jaqi came up and drank with us and John hill dropped in. It was most
merry. Then all, but John jumped into Jaqi's car and we drove back
down the mountain, bottoming out, till we got home and lit a BBQ.

Gabs cracked out some great trancey beats and the tucker was grouse!
Then we hit Bar Italia, by this time we were mega smashed, but managed
to crank it out till 4.00 in the morning when all the girls were being
overly touched by horny old bastards. Amy had given me a wee kiss at
the bar and I knew it was on. I put it down to my newly aquired
attitude, which is to lift up everyones spirits and my own and just
not to give a damn about anything but having a good time and making
sure everyone else is too! AWESOME!

So we screwed like mad and now there seems to be little between us,
but IM gonna take it slow and see what happens.... Life has some great
twists and turns. But as for now, I'm mostly just happy to have got
laid! And to have all these great people around!!!!

Thanks universe! Thanks diary!

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