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2011-01-02 05:06:32 (UTC)

- dahh first day of 2011.!

- sooooo tewday is dahh first day of 2011.!* ; im happy iiMade ihdd
dis far... bye bye tew 2010 ; ihdd was ahh horrible year ; im
puddinqq mahh past behind mehh && movinqq forward.. = ].<3
keepinqq mahh eyesz on dahh prize... stayinqq out of trouble &&
focusinqq on Cheerleadinqq && mahh qradesz... many ppl iiUsed tew
fukk widd nn 2010... will not bee in mahh 2011... because dey held
mehh bakk && im not qoinqq fahh dat dis year.!* ; im qoinqq tew bee
17 dis year... ; soooo all dose silly qamesz riqht out dahh window..
im qoinqq tew qet ahh job && save my money..<3
im seriously tryinqq tew qet mahh shit tewqether dis year && if
niqqasz aint helpinqq mehh out.. && tryinqq tew knock mehh down...
hell naw move dahh fukk around.. yall silly as hell && iiAint qot
time fahh ihdd.. nBs.. iiDont love anybody dat part of mahh mind is
shut down... tsssss : dont trust nobody ... iiAint puddinqq mahh
life on dahh line fahh nobody at all.. sooo niqqasz need tew kno
iiAint playinqq dis year.! iiMiqht bee leavinqq && shidd tew NC..
budd iiDont qive no fukk... im leavinqq dis shidd behind.!* pst.! ;
if yhu aint nn dahh circle yhu juss ahh friend.. niqqasz is not finna
use mehh ... smh.. no not ever aqain.. niqqasz aint finna tlk mehh
nntew dewinqq silly shidd.. NOPE...takkinqq mahh attention off wadd
im nn ihdd for.. NOPE..
aint nobody qotta live mahh life budd mehh.! so im finna live mahh
shidd up.! smilinqq... im qone widd these 3 finqahhsz...
sayinqqq...... mmkay.!* <3