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2011-01-02 04:47:30 (UTC)

guy dooche Dooche DOOCHE DOOCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some guys make you happy but others take advantage of you for
example my ex boyfriend, who i asked out, thought i asked him out as
a joke n then he said yes as a joke n then in 2010 he decided to
text me out of the blue saying "hi" so, not seeming rude, i
replyed "hi ....." n he said " do you still like me??? " i
said "maybe that depends on why you want to know" n he said "because
i MIGHT say YES" so i text him back "ok" n then he took the mickey
straight away by saying "if this other girl says no then i will say
yes to you" i just text him bck saying forget it

and later on in the year he text me sayin i like you n all that and
i fell for him (what a dooche i was) n he started flirting n then i
said why do you like me cause you have all of a sudden changed your
mind about me n he said i think your hot n later on he said i never
said that i just thought read my F***** phone

a few months bck from now i went down the villiage with him and he
was goin out with my cousin and he talked to me about her in a nice
sort of way and then said i thought it was a joke the same he did
with me i just really got angry and just before i started to try and
have a go his dad rings him for him to go home cause it was his
brothers bday or something like that and so we got up and starting
talking before we left and all of a sudden he spun me round and
kissed me and i just felt like slapping him because i dont cheat
with people or with other people's boyfriends and i just walked in
front and never said anything (wot the hell) and just before he went
a seperate way to me he gave me a hug and tried to kiss me again and
i turned my head away amd he said "wot???" and i said "wot???" and
he said "nothin doesnt matter and gave me another hug and all of a
sudden we broke off n he kissed me AGEN ahhhhh !!!!!!!!!! n then he
said bye and goes off

now he sayin he likes me n all that and i said to him i got over you
a few months ago sorry but you will never be the right person for me
n then i thought : " you should of said cause you might just kiss a
girl while your with me or cheat " and i should of i just didnt have
the strength to :@

Compliacted !!!!!!

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