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2011-01-01 15:52:39 (UTC)

The ex does her classic "no show" appearance.

Well, the ex rescheduled our talk. Then she said she'll call me in the
morning before work. Then she said we'd talk during lunch. It never
happened. This doesn't surprise me. She did this for years.

Anyway, I'm thinking how she just disregards the kids future. I say
that because she was first going to talk to me in the morning on the
phone while she is on her way to work. Then when she picked another
time, it was during her lunch break. I think of how stupid this is.
It's not like she is a high ranking bank executive. She is a Walmart
Supervisor!!! I just think that when there is a discussion about the
children's future, I would personally give it my undivided attention.
Instead, the ex will discuss this with me on the way to work. Then the
other was while she 1/2 way in her lunch break. I gotta laugh. How are
people such fucking assholes? After all, it is her biological kids and
not mine. This is why I am so damn tempted to walk away from all this.
Too much stupid drama.

So in all, we did not talk about it and nothing got resolved. I am
assuming we will just let it go and sweep it under the carpet.
Whatever, I don't have the willpower to deal with stupidity anyway.