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2010-12-31 00:13:23 (UTC)

I have a big decision to make

I told my ex that I needed time to decide on what to do with the kids.
Well, it's almost time to make a decision. What I needed to decide was
if I wanted to have the kids every Friday after they are out of
school. I would keep them over the weekend and take them to school the
following Monday.

I've had friends tell me to say "no" because all she wants is time
without the kids so the Ex can just fuck her bf and have fun. It also
means that I can be in their life and I'm the only reasonable person
to help the kids grow up. Well, to be honest, I don't know what to do.
Anyway, the ex indicated she will call in the morning to talk. I may
let the kids go. At least that way, I have a fresh start and can live
my life eventually with someone that thinks a little more clearly.

WTF do I do????