Teenage naughty heart
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2010-12-31 01:55:29 (UTC)

love is just a temporary impulse that makes you lose yourself and forget what's important to you.

Here’s a letter I wrote for G. I never sent it.
[context: he likes a girl C [bitch is a better word ] and she goes out
with this guy W]

Hey you, I just want to talk to you for a little while.
Have you ever felt that feeling when you see, talk to or just think of
someone special? Nice feeling huh! You’re happy all the time, you
always have this idiot smile on you’re face. You don’t want to eat,
you don’t want to think about sad things anymore.
I feel that way about you. In fact I felt. It’s over now, you just
broke my heart, but that’s okay, wanna know why? Cuz I love you.
Yup! The feeling I was talking about is love, four letters, one
You know what? When you smile, you make my day, you are my sunshine.
You know what? I hate it when you’re sad, cuz I’m used to your happy
smiley face, and I feel sad too.
It’s weird, because sometimes even if you’re happy I’m sad.That
doesn’t make sence.
Now the sky is grey, sounds freaky cuz that means no more sunshine.
Basically you’re not here anymore. Even if I see you everyday.
Don’t go away, I need you. Please.
Do you know that feeling when you think nobody loves you? Even if
there’s always someone who does? In your case the one who always loves
you, is me.
You’re not the most handsome guy on earth, you’re not the kindest
either, but you’re perfect to me.
When I see you online, you can’t imagine how bad I want to talk to
you, but I don’t have anything to tell you except I love you.
I’m really cold right now, I wish you were here next to me. I wish I
was in your arms kissing you.
Do you know how I feel right now? I know you do cuz she tore your
heart apart just like you did.
Hey look in the sky. So many clouds, no more light, no more stars.
Bit by bit those big black chunks, as black as those crows invading a
cemetery, dominate the heavenly sky while a sheet of evil and darkness
invades my life.
I’m really cold. But I like it. My warm heart freezes slowly.
I hope she is gonna realize that you’re the right one, that she did a
big mistake, and that right now, you two guys should be together. You
should be talking like lovers do. You should be dreaming of her.
Hope you’re gonna smile again.
Hope your heart is gonna stop freezing.
I love you.
Ps: the stars may be beautiful, but they are dangerous. If you stare
at them long enough, you think you can reach them.

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