Teenage naughty heart
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2010-12-31 01:53:06 (UTC)

All the roses will blossom into skulls this season.

so G is the guy i love. He’s in my german class [right behind me]
so one day our german teacher [the coolest guy on earth] wasnt here
and we stayed in the classroom bcause it was too cold outside and i
was listening to my iPod and G came and took it [i bcame really really
and he said u listen to good music. i smiled and he asked me if i knew
Trivium [a metal band] i said no so when i got home i rushed on my
computer to see what Trivium was, and now its one of my favourite
bands, its not cuz i love him its just that their music is soooo good
and i love their lyrics.
So now every time i listen to Trivium i think of him.
Today at the break, i went to ask him if he had his ipod, i he bcame
red :3 and we talked for a while. my friends took pictures of me and
him >.<

my friends are cool but sometimes they freak me out. like they force
me to ask G out. wth right?!
They always do that when I talk a lot to a guy : “ u definitely should
ask him out” and “dude what r u waiting for?” and also “ if u don’t
ask him right now I’ll do it for u”

G is so cute when he smiles, when he talks, when I wake him up in

At lunch me and M [my selfish and boring bff] we were sitting on a
bench, and G came and asked her her iPod WTH HELL DUDE you hate the
kind of music she listens to, it almost made me cry, OKAY its made me
cry but I was really down that day. She didn’t even noticed that I was

G wasn’t here today, it was a really boring day w/out him.

M like a guy, A. and I liked him too [I like sometimes 3 to 4 guys at
the same time but ive always loved G] so she’s always talking to me
about him and I told her to ask him [I kinda forced her cuz shes
always forcing me ] so she gave me a paper I was supposed to give him
during my French class. He said he was goin to think about it.. then
we had two weeks off [winter vacation, in French school we have a lot
of vacation, we have school 6 weeks and we have two weeks vacation
cool huh! But we finish almost everyday at 5h30].
He didn’t made up his mind then he said no. 5 month later she was
still in love with this guy. And I heard like 100 times a day “A
pisses me off” “A is a looser” “A is an asshole”

Al [I put an l next to the A bcause im not talking about A] is my
chemistry partner, he’s cool, nice, funny, cute, he has really cute
blue eyes, he can be macho [kinda selfish] but I like him. We’re
sitting really REALLY close to each other, idk why, a reflex maybe?
And we have a lot of fun in chemistry =) he likes to piss me off.
I had a crush on him but it was just a crush. Once when I was waiting
for a teacher he just came and began talking to me about his chanel on
youtube and other stuff. He put nice comments on my pictures on
facebook I was so happy.

M doesn’t talk to me anymore [it’s 100% normal, bcause when I go talk
to her crush [he’s my friend] she doesn’t talk to me, when I’m with
someone else, she doesn’t talk to me …] anyways I was waiting for my
swimming lesson with A and we’re friends and we like to make jokes and
stuff. He took my Gatorade [im kinda addicted to Gatorade] and went
outside so I ran after him then he began to poke me and we had a poke
fight. And mrs.M was here so she got mad.

Last year there was a guy who’s always starring at me, let’s call him
S. He’s kinda cute but he freaked me out, he was always ALWAYS
starring at me. This year he is in my late but. One day he came to me
and he said “P [my really cooool bestfriend, the best bestfriend on
earth] told me you were into…” I thought he was going to say “me” cuz
I had a little crush on him and I told P [P is friend with everybody ]
so I freaked out during a moment then he said “…good music”. I said
“well….yeah” so I sat next to him and we talked about music, school,
teachers, friends. He’s really cool and nice.
Then I said “hi” on Facebook and we chatted for a moment then he said
“G told me u liked video games” [G is S friend too] it was kinda
akward cuz why is he asking everybody about me? Or is G talking about
me to S. its just weird but I like it.

Dude today in chemistry, A’s leg was touching mine during the WHOLE
hour. I was just gonna explode, I was happy. But my friend who was
sitting behind us said out loud “yaaaay Ken” smiling and then told A
“geeeeet biiiig dude”. That was really akward we both got really red.

How I met P: my first day of school, a girl introduced me to her
friends and Pcame and hugged just like if I knew her. I felt really
warm. Then I began talking to her about some of my problems [and u
know my biggest problem is M] so we talked everyday and now we take
the same bus and I love this girl she’s perfect.

Ok, M really pisses me off. I don’t talk to her anymore cuz i’m so fed
up of her bullshit, she can’t force me to be with her all the time,
and I do what I want whenever I want, I go where I want, with whoever
I want. Is it THAT to understand?!
Anyways there’s this girl Ma, she’s a good friend, she’s the weirdo of
the school but she is nice sometimes. M send her to talk to me, so she
came next to me in class and said “ hey please don’t be mad at her,
she’s just jaleous because you talk to her crush, I understand her,
you should too” what the fuck _ .
Then M puts as her Facebook status : “I’m wondering why when people
are mad at you they send other people to talk to you, why don’t they
come by themselves.” Yeah! Right!

Umm so that’s it for now.