Teenage naughty heart
2010-12-30 21:37:34 (UTC)

Me, Myself and I

So here it begins.
im Candy [nickname] u can call me ken.
im a 15 [almost 16] year old girl.
im not too tall and not too short.
im not fat, not chubby and not skinny.
im a french speaker so i may have some problems with orthograph and
i love to eat but i dont eat a lot.
i have a lot of problems [ im a teeanager what do u excpect]
im evil and sometimes cute and kind.
i listen to every kind of music but i LOVE rock, rock'n'roll, metal... i
like hip hop too.
im selfish.
im kinda dark minded but i smile a lot.
i have a really kind a lovely bestfriend [let's call her P] and a not
really nice, boring,selfisher than me,i dont know why she is my
bestfirend, bestfriend [lets call her M]
G is a guy, he's a really cool guy, really nice, he's kinda like me, we
have the same tastes, i love him, he doesnt, he is graved in my mind im
just addicted to him its like people are addicted to drugs, alcohol,
cigarette, or facebook.
i move a lot [every four years.]
ugh i think that's it for my presentation :)

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