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2010-12-30 19:52:06 (UTC)


Hey there... I'm boo, I'm 19 I was born in
08/01/1991... :) I always wanted to have my online diary
to share my opinions my feelings to someone ... Hope not
to be boring and tedious :P
So tomorrow is a great occasion - " New Year" . People
are happy expecting for something new, better. I never
liked this holiday nothing solely i think . In my
opinion we must create our mood our future by ourselves.
New Year is only opportunity to correct our mistakes.
believe in yourself and everything will be all
right ... :) Only thing that i like in new year is snow.
But for the first time in my life there isn't snowing in
my country. It's funny because everywhere is snowing
except my country :D Anyway tomorrow I'm going to spend
time with my friends. It's a good chance to collect them
all. Forget everything bad and begin New Year with new
hopes, goals and so on... okay time to go. See
you :*** HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

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