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2010-12-30 15:52:30 (UTC)

new york

Since I'm in the choir at my school, we were given the privelage to
travel to New York City to perform in Carnegie Hall. Ever since I was
a little girl, I was singing. I would go over to the VCR (ancient
right?) and pop in The Little Mermaid and sing every song that was
played. Growing older, I dreamed of going to New York. At the age of
12, I had a plan. I was going to go to New York, work for some
fashion magazine, live in a penthouse suite in Manhattan and live the
good life.
Sounds like something that would happen in a movie, right? Exactly. I
wanted my life to be like the movies. But, it took me to actually
travel to NYC to really show me that the movies I based my dreams
upon were completely wrong. The movies never showed the real
struggles that people go through in New York. After I performed in
Carnegie Hall, I thought about how it would be to be a Broadway star.
(not like I would ever get that far, anyway. i've only done one play
my whole life.) But the day after, I got a taste of how hard someone
would have to work to even get some kind of role in a Broadway play.
I met an ensamble for two characters that we saw in West Side Story
(great play by the way). Within two months, she went through 6
callbacks. Currently, she has to work 8 times a week with only 1 day
I know Broadway is different from an assistant of a magazine editor,
but when you think about it..you work just as hard at both. On
Broadway, you have to constantly practice to become better. To work
for a magazine, you need to be ontop of your game at all times.
New York turned out to be nothing that I imagined. Some things were
even more beautiful than I thought (like the lights at time square at
night), and some were a lot tougher to grasp. Walking the streets of
New York during a work week opened my eyes to how hard I would have
to work to become something in New York. Who knows..maybe my dream
will come true.

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