2010-12-30 14:10:49 (UTC)

30th December 2010

This morning in the scriptures I was led through Daily Bread to read
Hebrews 11:32-40. The crux of the message is that even some of the
Bible great characters such as Abraham, Moses, David and Jacob had
serious flaws in their lives. But they repented and moved ahead.
Life is like a Bicycle according to Einstein. It must be cycled to
keep the balance. We may have our flaws, but still let us ride and
have a good testimony for GOD.

Through FAITH many conquerred kingdoms, shut the mouth of lions.
Some with FAITH still suffered and Jeered (I belong here). As per
Heb 11:40- For people like us God has planned something better for
us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

Praise the Lord!!

God give me the grace to have faith in you even in times of

Just now as I started this diary Leo Uncle rang me up and told
Brother Mervyn a servant of God is critically ill with a heart
attack. God will commend Brother Mervyn's faith. He is a man of
faith and surely God must be having a better plan for him.

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