Crocifissa's Ghost
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2010-12-30 07:06:22 (UTC)

A thank you....

I never said thank you to him. How many times I have seen him or we
have texted, I wanted to just say, "Thank you..."
I cannot say it. I am afraid of his reaction. I'm afraid he
may feel he was the cause. Mainly, I'm afraid he will walk
away....So here is my thank you to my Ghost. I will always love you!

Thank you, for showing me that I am beautiful, when I felt that I
was not. Thank you, for giving me that push to break free, when I
was scared. Thank you, for wrapping your arms around me and telling
me that you always thought of me and that you cared. Thank you, for
kissing me so deeply that chills ran over my body and you allowed me
to melt in your arms. Thank you, for allowing to lay close to you
for one night. Thank you, for loving me for over 15 years. Most of
all Thank you, for saving my life.....

I don't know if you and I will ever be together. We come into our
lives at the worst moments. I hope and pray that one day, that I can
wake up to your eyes every morning. To see you smile every day. To
hear your laughter from the next room. NO one has ever been able to
make me smile like you have. My heart is never broken, just stopped
until then.

We may have others that cross our paths while we wait. But you, my
ghost are my soul and forever. I will always love and be

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