Casey Mannon

My Most Private Thoughts
2010-12-29 22:11:32 (UTC)

My First Thoughts

My First Thoughts

I started this online diary because I have so much to say and I have
no one to share it with. I feel like I am going to burst if I don't
tell someone, so if you are reading this, then you are the someone.

I am a 40 year self sufficent, intelligent women, recently divorced.
Not so unusual, but this is, I am in love with a married man. This
man came into my life through a mutual friend, who thought we would
be compatable friends. He was right.

We sent each other messages on FaceBook, then we started chatting on
FB, then progressed to talking on the nearly everyday usually
multiple times. It was a good thing we lived about an 8 hour drive
away from each other at the time. After about 9 months of that we
met for the first time at the movies. As soon as I walked into the
lobby he immedieately greeted me with a soft kiss, I can't tell you
anything about the movie we went to see. I felt like a teenager
again. We sat on the very back row, we talked softly as we waited
for the lights to dim and the movie to start. Once the movie started
we started making out passionaely, I was over the move, he even
rubbed my feet. The chemistry between us was undiniable and was
mutual. We continued to talk daily and see each other sparingly.

Then after a few months of this we startly meeting weekly. He took
care of me when I was sick. He fixed things around my house. He
told me I was smart, beutiful, and very postive. Oh course by this
time our relationship was physical. Very physical, I don't think I
have ever been attracted to a man the way I am to him. He certainly
knows his way around the bedroom. He is like a drug to me. I have
tried to stop seeing him, but I can't, I always give in.

I am in love with a married man. I am the other woman. I had always
loathed "other women", now I am one of them. I can hardly believe it
myself and I know others would be shocked as it has never seemed I
was that "type" of person. A woman who loves a married man ...