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2010-12-29 15:21:58 (UTC)

scary and sleepy

I feeellll for the kids I'm babysitting my mom is frightening when angered. Her eyes
pop out her eye sockets while her eyeballs somehow get wide. I'm sleepy. I tried
staying up last night past my mom. I wanted cookies and milk. But she beat me and I
passed out on my bed. I did wake up at 5 to get my snack. Taste as good as I would
12am at 5am.

Ughhhhhh I think I'm pmsing caz as of right now everything is fucking annoying me.
How in hell can u walk a dog andd babysit two kids in da damn winter?? Jeez if I were
to bundle da kids up she wud kick my ass if I leave my dog in da cage I still hear it.
What's funnier is how my mom snatches the baby (she wants another child I dnt
beleieve me I wud be doing most of da work wid no life) and then yells at me that I'm
not doing this or that mind u she is holding the kids. Lolz how ducked up again it may
just be mi damn hermones... That's worse