Fiona's Rider Diary
2010-12-28 14:30:15 (UTC)


Opps, I seemed to forget who I dedecate this journal. Many people have
helped me with my depresstion and attitude, despite teh fact it stil
comes up. These people are my family, friends, and animals. Some of
the people farthest away have taught me the most, and I love them with
all my heart and soul.

Jessica: You couldn't be a better Sister, especially since you donate
more encouragement than I htought you could ever give. You've helped
me through heartbreak, jelousy, trying to decide what to do and so on
for two years, almost three!! That's more important to me than
anything. Look how far I've gone since we've met. And all you had to
do was make me a banner on howrse. Fate has brought us together, and
god made us best friends cause he knew our moms couldn't deal with two
of us.

Tomboianimalmel:Ok, I think I've got your user right ths time for once
heehee. You are so sweet to most people, and you're fun to be around.
You've given me so much help with my art, and even if I'm at
rockbottom low one day, you always make me smile :)

Yippieyayeeh:BWACK IS SO MUCH BETTER!!! lol I love you girly ;)

TayTay:Sissie, can you get any betteR? Cause I think if that's nto
your best, I might have to die to see your best ;) Heaven on earth,
you've helped me with Josh's death, Josh's break up with me, And
getting with Blake. WE've gotton so far this year, and I acknowlage that.

Blake: I love you. You're just like Josh hun, and I would do anything
to stay with you my whole life <3

Josh:Always in my prayers hunny, despite the fact that I'm with
Blake....I'll always remember you. <3