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2010-12-28 09:14:23 (UTC)

12/27 mon

-woke up at 10:30 but didn't get up until 12:30; text trey to come at
1pm; went to office 1:10, trey was already waiting outside but at
least i got to work before 2!
-stayed in office until 4; went to san carlos to check out the dye
-valley fair after to pick up the sleep shirt from Nordstrom; never
dress casual to come to mall--i really felt self-conscious--i should
look presentable anytime but well, who has the time and i'm living a
diff life and i don't get anything or make anything by looking pretty
at the mall--as long as i look pretty when i make $ and so that i can
buy stuffs from the mall
-wanted to go bedbathbeyond and old navy but not enough time and j
wanted fish head so went to Mao
-prob the time we ordered the least; finished dinner at 9:30 and came
back to eastbay; walmart to return something and steal fish
-came home after; shower; set up the rounter--woohoo, i can get online
and bury myself in laptop again