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2010-12-27 21:12:02 (UTC)

Last Week's Recap

It feels like ages since I've been able to use my home internet.
Internet seriously sucks! I haven't been able to post on my journal
for the same reason. Either way, there isn't much to tell.

I didn't get to talk to anybody from clinic last Wednesday. I don't
think Dr. Eyecandy was even there. He probably came to his senses
and called in absent for the day. I was terribly disappointed. The
only highlight of the day was chatting up a new cutie at the clinic,
McDreamy. I've noticed McDreamy before, but I didn't think much of
him because I never had the chance to work with him. I'm pretty
sure I made it on his radar. Too bad Jingles had to bring up the
hubs. After this last Wednesday, he should know my marital status,
age, and career objective.

I'm starting to feel sorry that I got married before putting in time
at the clinic. The place is teeming with hotties. I love it!

Christmas was as equally disappointing as my Wednesday. Here I was
looking forward to the holiday, and then the day rolls around, and I
don't do a darn thing. I spent the whole day in jammies, I didn't
do anything all day, and we didn't even cook! We drove up for fast
food like all the other loners do on Christmas Eve. Pathetic.
I'm hoping New Year's looks a lot better.