D'Arc Tangent

2010-12-27 18:36:34 (UTC)

The Threshold

The Threshold
D’Arc Tangent

“OMG, will you look at the time.” He typed, and although it was
early morning for him, it was well past her bedtime.

“Yes, I need to go.” She typed, “but it was great seeing you on-line
again. What are you doing today?”

“Well, after we logoff, I am going to take a bath, just soak and
relax and enjoy my day off, then I will work on the novel. How is
your week looking?”

“Busy.” She typed, “I may not get to see you until the weekend.”

“Any time with you is appreciated.” He said, then added, “I will
always be here, just look for me.”

“Good Night.” She said, and before he could respond, she was gone.
He sighed, shut down his computer, and went upstairs to the
bathroom. This was his ritual. Not usually at eight o’clock in the
morning, but to unwind from a busy week, he would draw a hot bath,
play some Enya, and soak in the dark and let all the stress of the
week float away on the music of his favourite artist.

She stared at her monitor for a moment, and pondered the possibility
of not seeing him for a few days. She had been so busy these past
few weeks that he had been pushed aside, and he was the one thing in
her life that she needed almost as much as anything else. She
thought about how much he meant to her, and then she started to
remember. Many years ago, while she was taking pictures for him, he
appeared to her, then, again, while she was on a business trip, he
was there, in her room. One minute they were talking, then the
next, he was gone from the screen, and standing right behind her.
It was miraculous. The power he commanded when the desire, or the
need filled him enough, and she wondered if she could find that
desire in her heart.

Oh yes, she had longed for him, needed him, wanted him so very
badly, but what it enough? She took her laptop into a secluded area
of her house, and found a picture he had sent her many years ago,
when he had just bought the house, and he was taking pictures to
show her, and there it was, the bathroom. Small, but useful. But
this was a picture from nearly three years ago, and she did not want
to see him three years ago, she wanted to see him now, as she
remembered him from a moment ago, but she had to try.

She looked at the picture, and thought about all the little
details. She saw the sliding glass door, and the blue walls and the
light coming in the window and she focused all her will on every
minute detail until she was immersed in the picture, until she could
almost experience all of it herself, and as she thought hard about
all these little things, she whispered the word ‘Now.” And instead
of the picture on her screen, she was there, but it was different.
It was not bright, like the picture had been, it was darker. The
lights were off, and there was music playing. She looked down at
the CD player, and the small speakers attached to it, and listed for
a moment to the soothing tunes of Enya’s Watermark album. She
smiled, and shut it off.

“Damn, did my batteries just die?” came a voice from the other side
of the glass door, and slowly it began to open.

“Oh My God, I am here, aren’t I?” she thought to herself, “I am
actually on the other side of the world, in his house, right now.”
And suddenly she had no idea what to do when that door slid open, so
she just stood there, and waited.

The door slide open and he leaned over the edge of the tub, looking
into the room, over toward the toilet seat where his CD player and
speakers sat, but between his vision and the target, there was
something blocking him, and he looked up into the smiling blue eyes
of his lover. He blinked, more than a few times, to really register
what he was seeing. Her long blonde hair ran down her back, and she
was still wearing the night gown he had bought her last year, the
same one she was wearing when they chatted, not more than 20 minutes
ago, and the only word he could form was, “How?”

“It was like you taught me.” She said, “I found a picture, focused
on it, and since I had the most overwhelming desire to be with you
tonight, it happened.”

“But I never gave you a picture of NOW, I offered, if you recall,
but you said you could use your imagination, so how does that
explain you being here, now, not three years ago?”

“I do not know. I looked at the picture, focused on it, made it
complete in my mind, but I really wanted to see you now, so as I
focused on it, I wished to be here now, and I guess that was enough,
I guess the desire was able to bring me here when I wanted.”

“But I have never heard of that happening, but I guess…” and she
suddenly cut him off, “Look, lover, you are the mage, I am just a
school teacher from Oz. I have no idea how magic works, or why it
works, all I know id I am here, in nothing, “and she pulled open her
top and looked down her nightgown, “and I mean NOTHING but my
nightie, and you are naked in a tub. Are we really going to discuss
how magic works? Or are you going to make love to me?”

He pushed open the door all the way and said, “Care to join me?”
She pushed play on the CD player and said, “Yes.”

She pulled her nightie up over her head and he watched every
movement. He watched as her legs were revealed to him, and followed
the hem of her night gown as her soft, flaxen bush was revealed,
then her belly, and finally her breasts, as her gown fell to the
floor and her body was covered in a fine web of her long blonde
hair. She walked toward the bathtub, and climbed over him,
straddling his body with hers and she lowered herself into the
steaming hot tub.

“This feels soo good.” She purred as the water enveloped her. She
spread her legs backwards as she lay atop him, her breasts against
his chest and she kissed him hot and hard on the mouth. Her belly
lay atop his manhood, and through the kiss, she could now feel how
it was affecting him having her hear, now, like this. She slid
forward until her hips moved just past his, them she lowered herself
onto him, feeling the enormity of him enter her, and she gasped
slightly and bit her lower lip as she felt him inside her. It was a
feeling she never tired of.
Slowly she sat up, and rocked her body on his, feeling hi inside
her, feeling all the passion and the power. She leaned forward, her
breasts dangling before him, and he took one in his hands, caressed
it, held it as his lips touched the nipple, as his mouth closed over
the breasts, and his tongue played across her hard, erect nipple as
she continued to ride him. She pushed her body down hard on him,
and let out a soft moan as she felt him drive deeper into her. Each
thrust she made increased the sensation, and each increase demanded
she have more. Her tempo increased, splashing water over the edge
of the tub, as she continued to thrust her body onto his, until she
felt him cum inside her. It was like liquid fire as the heat of his
body seared into her, filling her the warmth of his passion and
desire. Slowly she lay upon his chest, and kissed him, with all the
passion she could muster, and he returned her desire in kind, his
hands grabbing her buttocks to keep her on him as he felt his body
convulse in please, each twitch releasing a little more of him into
her until he finally stopped, and could feel himself slowly receding
from inside her. Enya was a little more than halfway through as she
looked into his eyes, and smiled.

“I thought you said you could last the whole album.” She giggled at

“Sure, when I am controlling it, I seem to recall I did not have
much say in this particular session.” He smiled at her, then pulling
himself up to sit against the back of the tub, he allowed her to
readjust herself so she now sat with her back against his chest, and
the two of them covered by the warm water of the tub as he wrapped
his arms around her, and held her close to his chest. His hands
cupped her breasts as they sat together in the tub waiting for the
CD to finish, and when the end inevitably came, they got out of the

He wrapped his towel around his waist then reached into the linen
closet to get her a towel, but as he turned to take a towel down for
her, she grabbed his towel and pulled it off him.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he said over his shoulder, “I’m getting you one.”

I know,” she replied, “I just did not want to pass up any
opportunity to see your butt.” She said, and although his back was
to her, he knew she was smiling. He turned around holding her towel
in his hands to find that she had already wrapped his towel around

“Well, now I think I like this view much better.” She said, looking
down at his manhood.

“Well, I guess, we should both make the most of this.” He said as he
dropped the spare towel to the floor and reached for the end of her
towel tucked just above her breast. He gently pulled the towel
open, holding both ends in his hands, and opened her up to his
eyes. He looked her over, visually examining every inch of her
body. The smooth, round, firmness of her breasts, and the pink
circles, and the nipples, hard and erect and begging for his lips.
He allowed his gaze to descend to the belly, a little round, but oh
so cute, and he belly button, the one place he could never touch,
then down to the golden triangle between her legs, manicured, but
not shaven, so that there was still a soft downy bush that he could
touch, but still see the thin pink line between her legs. He
dropped her towel to the floor and closed in, taking her in his
arms, pressing his body against her, and he kissed her hard on the
mouth. Their tongues touched, danced, caressed each other as their
kisses exploded in their minds, until they were both breathless from
the passion.

“I do think we need to towel off.” He said, as he picked up their
towels, and began to dry each other. It would have been far more
efficient for them to dry themselves, but they were in no hurry, and
they needed every single moment to be in contact with each other.
He started, drying her back, following the lines of muscles down her
back, the her buttocks, then her legs, and as he dried her legs, she
turned to face him, so that he could dry the wetness between her
legs, her belly, then her breasts, then her shoulders and arms,
until he was sure she was all nice and dry.

She wrapped her towel around his neck, and pulled him close to her,
kissing him as she pressed her breasts against his chest, then she
started to dry his neck, and his shoulder and chest, working her way
down his body until she reached his manhood, where she dried him
with gentle strokes that excited him.

“Looks like I missed a spot.” She said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You still seem to be a little wet.” She answered.

“Are you sure, I mean, I think you pretty much got everything…” and
before he could finish, she had taken him in her mouth, her hands
stroking him as her lips closed over his shaft, and her tongue ran
across the slit in the head of his penis.

“”Oh, yeah, right, there, I was wrong, I am feeling a little... oh
yeah, right there, right there, that’s where, Oh My God, yes, right,
right, oh my god, oh… my…” but before he could finish, he release
again.” She took him in completely, feeling the hot spray on the
back of her throat, and letting it slide down her before she pulled
away. She towelled him off a little then said, “There you go,
that’s all dry, for now.” And she finished his legs, and then
motioned him to turn around.

“Oh My God, I will never tire of looking at your butt.” She said as
she carefully, sensually, tenderly, towelled his buttocks, spending
a long time just enjoying the feel of his tight buns under her hands
before she stood up to finish drying him off. Naked, they left the
bathroom, and ventured out into the kitchen and over the sink was a
window, and outside, she could see snow. Her mind was mesmerized as
all she could see was white, white, and more white. Never before
had she seen so much white. She spun around jumping up and down

“Oh, can we go outside in the snow?” she screeched.

“I would love nothing better than to take you outside and show you
the snow, but we have a little problem, you only have a night gown,
and even if I gave you boots and a jacket, you would still freeze.
I could lend you my pants, but somehow, I do not think they will fit

Her shoulders drooped, and the smile turned to a frown and she
looked like she was about to cry.

“But.” He said, as he lifted her chin to look into her deep blue
eyes, “I do have a solution.” And he took her hand and lead her into
the front room he used a dressing room. Opening the sliding doors
of his closets, He moved a few things around until he suddenly
shouted, “Found it!” and pulled out a pair of jeans that were about
her size, with just slightly longer legs, “Try these.” He said as he
tossed the jeans to her. She slid her legs into the jeans and
pulled them up.

“Watch the zipper.” He said, as she did the jeans up, careful not to
get anything caught in the metal teeth of the zipper. They were a
little snug, but held, although they seemed to terminate into open-
toes socks as they covered her heel and foot, almost to the tips of
her toes. “We can turn those up.” He said as he examined her
figures in the tight jeans, then tossed her a fleece shirt. “This
will keep you warm on top he said, as she pulled on his shirt and
did it up. The shirt fit a bit better, apparently he had a larger
chest than waist, and she liked that. A pair of woollen socks and
the ensemble was complete. The shirt sleeve came to the palm of her
hand and the pants covered her feet giving her the impression of a
little kid dressing in her daddy’s clothes, but as she turned each
of the over sized areas to a more fitting size, he dressed himself.
She watched him closely, watching him pull his tight jeans over his
butt, and pulling a t-shirt over his head, and watching his hands
move down his chest as he pulled it tight. Once they were both
dressed they went out into the living room and put on heavy
overcoats, and boots and mitts, then he opened the door.

It was as if someone opened the door to a walk-in freezer.

“How can you stand this much cold?” she asked as she hugged him for

“Baby, it is only –17C out here, this is practically spring
weather.” He chuckled, then wrapping his arm around her, led her out
into the front yard. At the bottom of the stair was a walkway,
newly cleared, and on either side of the walkway the snow was about
a meter deep. The stairs ended at the elbow of an ELL shaped path,
the stairs facing the street, and then off to the right, leading to
a gate going to the back of the house.

“Can you show me everything?” she asked as she huddled close to him
afraid she would freeze to death if she ever let him go.

“Come.” He said as he lead her down the path to the gate leading to
the back of the house. Through the gate was another path, this one
a good ten meters long, leading to an archway of what would be a
lilac tree in the spring, but now was just bare branches. Down the
path the two walked until they came to the back yard. The path
curved slightly around the deck then continued another three or four
meters to the garage, but in between was a large back yard with the
same meter deep blanket of snow.

“Can we make snowmen?” she asked, letting go of him long enough to
jump up and down and clap her hands together.

“The snow is too dry to make a snowman.” He said, and he could see
the disappointment in her eyes, “But we can make snow angels.” He
said, and hoped this would appease her enough.

“Oh, that would be wonderful.” She said, how do we do that?” she
asked, the excitement returning to her eyes.

He stepped a few feet into the deep snow and turned to face
her, “Like this.” He said as he spread his arms out and fell
backwards. She squealed as he began to fall, but apparently the
deep snow cushioned his fall and he lay on his back, arms out at his
side, then as he lowered his arms, he spread his legs, then, in
unison, his legs opened and closed as his arms spread up to almost
over his head, and down to almost at his side. After a few minutes
he stopped moving and held his hand out to her. She walked closer
to him, afraid to ruin his angel, as she helped him up, and when he
was up, and they were together again, they looked down at the image
in the ground which did, indeed look much like the imprint of an
angel in the snow.

“Oh, can I try? Please?” she said.

“Of course my love.” He said, and pointed to a spot about two meters
from his spot, She did the same as he did, letting out a little
yelp as she fell back, not knowing what to expect, but she landed on
her back unharmed, then she repeated his steps, waving her arms and
spreading her legs until she was satisfied with her work. He helped
her up, and together they looked at the image, and the two angels
lay side by side, their wings touching each other.

“They are beautiful.” She said, as she hugged him, then looking up
into his eyes, said, “So, what do we do now?” she asked.

“Now, we go and make cocoa.” He said, and he led her up the back
steps and back into the kitchen of his house. She rubbed her arms
to keep warm as he put the kettle to boil, and got down a pair of
mugs. She slipped out of her overcoat and boots, and walked into
the living room to hang the coat on the hooks, and place the boots
on the boot rack where he had taken them from. As she turned
around, he was standing behind her, his own coat and boots in his
hands. “Warm enough now?” he asked.

She took his clothes and hung them up, and placed his boots next to
hers, then wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him, “Not
yet, but I am working on it.” She said.

Still wrapped together, they walked back into the kitchen, just as
the kettle started to whistle. He poured the water into the cups of
cocoa, and stirred them until they were well mixed and foamy.

“Come, let us sit and drink our cocoa.” He said, and as they walked
into the dining room, nestled between the kitchen and the living
room, she noticed a door off to the side.

“What’s there?” she asked.

“My bedroom.” He said, and she smiled.

“Can we go in?” she asked.

They walked into the room, which was small and consisted of two end
tables framing a queen size bed, facing a small cupboard with a TV,
VCR and DVD player sitting on top.

“It’s not much, it is really just where I sleep.” He said.

“It’s lovely.” She said, as she climbed onto the bed, careful not to
spill her cocoa, “Come.” She said, patting the bed beside her, “Join

He climber onto the bed and sat next to her, and together, they sat
there, sipping cocoa, and hardly speaking, just enjoying each others
company. Finally, she said, “I could stay here forever.” She said,
then added, “I just might, how exactly do I get back?”

“Getting back is the easy part.” He said, as he put his cocoa on the
night stand, “Your being here is a warp in reality. You belong back
in your home, so you are actually expending a lot of energy just to
stay her. Whenever you want, you can leave, and you will be
instantly back where you left.”

She turned to face him and asked, “How? How does that work?”

“Close your eyes, and look around.” He said, and as she did, turning
her head as if she was looking around the room, but she kept her
eyes closed the whole time, and in the darkness, she could see a
bright silver thread floating from behind her and leading off into
space. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“What was that?” she asked.

“That was your life line. It was created when you moved through the
ether to here. It keeps you anchored to your life. It is
intangible, so it is virtually unbreakable.”

“Virtually?” she asked.

“Well, being intangible, it passes through solid objects, and solid
objects pass through it, but if someone was aware of it, like you or
I, and we focused our energy on it, we could, if we wanted, sever
it, in essence cutting you off from where you were, and stranding
you here.”

“Would that be a bad thing?” she asked, and there was no mirth in
her voice.

“Depends. You have no I.D., no passport, not clothes no money, and
for all intents and purposes, you are in this country illegally, but
on a personal level, if I knew a legal way to keep you here, I would
sever the cord myself.” She put her cocoa on her night stand and
looked into his blue eyes, and flung herself at him, embracing him,
and knocking him back against the headboard of his bed before
kissing him passionately. She kissed him, hard and long, all the
while she positioned herself to be straddling him, sitting on his
legs as she pulled away from the kiss, then, with the look of
someone planning something sinister, she said, “So, shall we put
Enya back on?”

He grabbed her by the waist and flipped her onto her back,
straddling her this time and he kissed her hard on the mouth, then
said, “Let me get the CD player.” And he hopped off the bed, and ran
to the bathroom. Returning moments later, he set the portable
system up on his night stand and said, “Ready?”

“I have been ready for this for twelve years.” She said. And she
reached over him and pressed PLAY.

As the opening chords to Watermark started playing he began to
unbutton her shirt. Each button exposing that much more of her
white flesh, and as he moved down between her breasts, she could
feel the back of his hands sliding down her flesh until he spread
open her shirt to reveal her breasts to him. He just sat there for
a moment, taken in by the beauty of her body, then he slid the shirt
off her shoulders, and let her work her hands free from the fabric
before she started to pull his t-shirt up over his head. As he came
free of the shirt, his face was right at her breasts, and her arms
were over her head, and he just closed his mouth over one breast,
taking as much of her into his mouth as he could, and let his tongue
circle around her nipple as she lowered her arms behind him and held
his head to her, letting him take his fill of her. As he suckled
her breast, his fingers played at the button of her jeans, and once
he got it free, he pulled away from her, and gently pushed her
backwards, to pull down her zipper and slid her jeans off. As he
pulled them off, he made sure he left her socks on, mainly because
he knew she got cold, and second, because of the theory that making
love with your socks on increases stimulation, and he wanted to make
sure that this was the best possible love making she had ever had.
As he flung the jeans to the floor, he gazed upon her, laying on her
back, her legs slightly parted, the thin pink line exposed to him,
he pushed her legs open wider and ran his tongue along the thing
line and listened to her soft moan as his lips caressed her. He
brought his hands up between her legs, and used them to open her
wider to his mouth. His lips suckled the tender nerve between her
legs, and traded off with his tongue caressing the opening. His
tongue would go in, licking a line up along her thing opening to her
clit, then he would suck on that for a moment before again running
his tongue inside her, all the while paying attention to her body,
to the sounds she made, and the movements of her hips as he
pleasured her.

The soft moans soon turned to muted vocalizing, and as he continued
to pleasure her, she started to lift her hips, pushing herself
closer to him begging him to go deeper, to touch her, to enter her.

“Oh… my… god.. yes..” her words were escaping in short, staccato
bursts between waves of pleasure, “yes… yes.. please… I want you in
me..” she called out.

He stopped his pleasuring, allowing her a chance to regain her
breath, but he kept his fingers between her legs, softly applying
pressure to keep her stimulated, but not overly stimulated, and once
she regained her breath, she sat up and pushed him down onto the
bed, and began to pull his jeans off next.

“I need you in me, now.” She said, and she was not gentle at all in
pulling off his pants, then swinging them over her head like a
lasso, she flung them off to the side. She then positing herself so
that she could easily slide herself onto his huge, stiff manhood,
but he took her by the hips and held her away from him.

“Not yet.” He said, “Listen.” And as she did, she could hear Enya

“So?” she asked.

“The Gaelic version of Storms in Africa, we still have about twenty
minutes, do you ant this to last?” he said.

“I don’t care about your timing, I need you, now, I need to feel you
inside me, I want this, I want it so bad.”

“Patience, my love.” He said, then, “Turn around.” And as she turned
her back to him, he pulled at her hips until she moved back over
him, her soft, downy bush just over his face, and his rock hard
erection tempting her. As he slid his tongue into her again, she
covered his manhood with her mouth, and she sucked, and licked, and
stroked him while his tongue again pleasured her. She bent down,
pushing her body closer to his face as she took him fully in her
mouth, amazed that he was able to control himself so well as she
sucked on his manhood and stroked him, but her climax was mounting.
Another song started that she did not recognize, and he pushed her
buttocks away from him, and she turned to face him, and he
positioned her body over his manhood, now slick with her, and she
slid it into her. A quick gasp escaped her lips as he entered her,
and she leaned forward onto him, bringing her ample breasts to his
mouth. He took one in his mouth and suckled hard on the pink nipple
as he slid his hands between her legs to fondle her clit as she rode
him. She moved her hips, grinding down on him, forcing him deeper
inside her as he both flicked his tongue over her hard and erect
nipples, and stroked her tender nerve with his fingers. Suddenly,
she thought she heard a familiar tune, and as her mind tried to
pinpoint what she was hearing through the rush of blood in her ears,
he started to thrust into her as well. Like a bronco, he rose when
she did, and he sank down under the force of her body, and up and
down they went like this as the last strands of the English version
of Storms in Africa played out over the CD player he released
himself into her, and it was like skyrockets were bursting behind
her eyes. Everything was dark, with sharp flashes of light and her
whole body shook with the pleasure of his release into her.

She collapsed onto his chest, and lay there, breathing heavy as she
felt him slowly slide out of her, and she kissed his chest, then
looked into his eyes.

“Last song?” she said.

“Last song.” He answered, then as she looked at him, and realized
that she loved him so much more than she ever thought possible, she
suddenly felt like she was being pulled away.

“What’s happening” she asked, and he closed his eyes, and saw the
cord was pulling her back.

“It looks like you do not have enough energy to keep the connection,
you are being pulled back home.”

“No, I can’t, I don’t want to, I want to stay here, cut it, cut the
cord, don’t let me go back.” And she was almost crying as she
realized that this was about to end.

“You don’t mean that.” He said, “There are too many obstacles. Your
life, your job, you can’t just leave, not this way.”

“Yes, Yes, I do, cut it, don’t let me leave you, I don’t want to
leave you.”

“You wont.” He said, “You did this once, you can do it again, and I
can come to you, we no longer need to wait, we can both be together,
whenever we want, now go, I will always be here, and we will be
together again.” And as he said that she felt herself fade, as if
she was spread too thin, and then he was gone, and she was standing
in her house, naked, sore, tired, and she fell to her knees and

She did not know how long she was there when she felt a tap on her
shoulder, and she turned around and he was there, holding her

“You left something.” He said, and she jumped up and wrapped her
arms around his, and kissed him, and held him like she never wanted
to let him go.

“I have to go. I do not have the energy to stay long, thank you for
that, by the way,” he smiled, “but we now know that we can move to
each other easily, so we never have to be alone.”

“Can you stay, for the night?” she said, “We don’t have to do
anything, I don’t think I can do anything, thank YOU very much, for
that,” she giggled at him, “but can you just spend the night with

“I don’t know if I will be here in the morning, I might vanish in
the night, but until that happens, yes, I will stay with you.” And
the two of them walked to her room, and slept, and it was the
deepest, more incredible, dreamless sleep she ever had, and in the
morning, he was gone, but she knew she would be online tonight, with
him, and that they could, again, be together like they were. She
lay back in her bed, and she could smell him on her nightgown, and
it was a good smell, a comfortable smell, and she fell asleep again,
thinking of him.