Fiona's Rider Diary
2010-12-27 16:59:47 (UTC)

And after popular demand....

Hi! Wow...never thought this site <b>wouldn't<b/> be a virus. Yay!
Anyways, my life is utterly a complete bore. My riding lessons are
canceled until the 8th of Janurary, and I'm really going crazy over
not seeing Scooter. Seriously, doesn't my own mother know Scooter is
my closest friend?! Oh well, at least I'll get to see him in a couple
of weeks. My christmas was silent. Only my grandmother, my mom, dad
and I were sitting at the table, and I never talk unless I'm with my
cousin. Or, at least not at christmas.

On my howrse game, my brood mare Ammirage has just died at age 7 years
and 2 months. It was harsh even just learning about it. And I'm sure
I'm over-reacting, but I was so so so sure that her recent foal Hasam
would ahve a mother for at least the first 2 months of his life. But,
I'm buying a new mare of a bay colour hopfully, and I will try to take
better care of my horses. Jagg S has been breeding the most wonderful
babies, and he is happy and healthier than ever! Hasam and Emani are
doing wonderful right now, even through the stress of losing their
mother. I am searching for a Bay tabino Welsh gelding for a cheap
price in Auction sales, if you know of any, PM SilverwoodRider and
tell me their price and name.

In other news, I have $30 to spend on somthing I really really want. I
was wondering the basic price of some new riding gloves, or beige
breeches. If more than $30, I would like to know some good quality
drugstore makeup to buy. Sadly, I cannot go shopping today because I
am snowed in. Oh well, at least I can work on my DeviantART work. By
the way, my work is coming along quite nicly, I just have to work on
converting my Paint.NET work into MS paint work. That way it can
easily upload my work to DeviantART.

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