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2010-12-26 22:38:54 (UTC)

Made it thru Christmas

Well, I made it thru Christmas. Some people struggel thru it. Usually
the single, divorce, separated are the ones that see Christmas more
like a challenge than a fun holiday.

I got my kids presents and most of it are wrapped. Some are to big to
wrap so they will have to just suffer with an unwrapped present. lol

Anyway, it's all quiet now. I went to a buddy's party for Christmas
eve so I wasn't alone. I made it without any drama or high intensity

I finally had cable installed and even subscribed to Netflix. I am all
set with the electronics. No longer will I have to think or
contemplate about my life late at night if I don't want to. I can now
turn into a vegetable and go on with life without too much stress.
There is no happy ending. Just an ending that isn't so painfull.

Anyway, sooner or later, the ex will come back for the rest of her
things and she will see the presents I left for the kids and she can
pick those up to.

I stopped initiating communication with Cutie. Life is too short and I
kind of gave up. So what does she do? She emails me now and does short
chats. Too tired to play that game. I been there done that with the
ex. Cutie knows where I can be found if she wants to start anything
with me.

Oh yeah, forgot to say that I will actually be having a New Year's Eve
party with the social group I hang with. That should be interesting.

That's all I have. Got to work tomorrow and so I will be up late
watching Netflix. haha. I set up the ps3 to play movies so it's all
good. I'm a little irritated because I now realize that my ex 24 year
old stepson took my ther ps3 controller. That fuck head. Hope my
angels take care of his ass. lol.

My eHarmony thing isn't my cup of tea. Haven't gone on one date with
this thing yet. Talk about a loser. Can't even get a date using
eHarmony. Oh well. Life does go on.

One thing about my social group though. There is one female that
joined. We have a lot in common. Same race and she came from Hawaii
too just like me. At least it's a little something to look forward to
in my pathetic life.