Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2010-12-27 03:12:40 (UTC)


I had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family and my boyfriend. It
went really well and it was exactly what I need- assurance from my
parents. The day before I was with my boyfriend's family and I had a
great time. His parents have been very welcoming with me that I'm
taking it in in small doses; what I mean is, I've never had a
'friendship' with my previous ex bf's parents. Not only am I getting
use to this, but his mother and future sister in-law gave me a
Christmas present! I felt so guilty that I didn't give them anything.
It definitely crossed my mind, but I thought it was either too soon
or, once we start giving, it'll never stop! hahaha! I'm extremely
thankful :)

Christmas Day was calm and relaxing at home. Having renato out of the
home has change our family dynamic- 180 degrees. Dinner was calm, my
parents were getting along. Looking back I can't remember a dinner
like that. Well there's been times when he came home in the middle of
dinner, but even then dinner was ruined because he wasn't with the
family preparing. I don't really care to know how he spent Christmas
or what he ate. I think I'm... well, I know I'm still angry with him.
My mother has forgiven him, but I can't. For so many years I've been
angry with him. He was never - well, I've give him some credit- been
an older sibling who cared about his only sister/younger sister.

I don't want to think about this anymore, bye.