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2010-12-26 18:52:25 (UTC)

- Christmas After.!*

- hey.! ; ihddsz dahh day afetr Christmas.. feelsz likk juss another
sunday...&&yesterday felt likk ahh borinqq ass saturday... ummmm
fahh Christmas iiGot ahh labtop ; iiWanted one widd ahh webcam budd
iiGuess imahh have tew buy dat mahhself tssss... no money clothes &&
little thinqqsz ; budd yeahh.! = ] im deso ; im juss qone ask fahh
money wen iiNeed ihdd smh.. anyway... iiMissed yhu,!* <3 <3

okayy letsz start widd dis.. likk three monthsz aqo iiGot raped by
mahh uncle(iiWas at ahh party thinqy widd mahh mommy && ihdd wasnt
anybody dere mahh age so iiWent upstairsz tew qo tew watch tv... dey
had music blastinqq so iiHad couldnt even hear ihdd so iiTurned ihdd
up til iiCould.. && iiFell asleep && iiWoke up tew somebody shakinqq
mehh && ihdd was hymm).. mahh auntie took mehh tew dahh hospital &&
shidd.. he qot mehh preqnant && qave mehh ahh STD..(gonerhea) ;
iiWanted tew have dee bby budd iiCould because of dahh STD.. iiStill
have ihdd budd ihddsz slowly qoinqq away.. anyway iiBeen seeinqq
hymm alot && iiBeen avoidinqq hymm...then iiWas at ahh store&& tried
tew take mehh budd iiFouqht && he left mehh alone.. everythinqq
started tew die down budd 2 weeksz aqo iiGot ahh phone call from
mahh undahh auntie && she was sayinqq how last niqht she was
sleepinqq && she heard screaminqq.. so yhu rushed tew her dauqhter
room && found mahh uncle widd his d*ick deep nn mahh lil cuzin .. so
she hit hymm on dahh head widd sumthinqq && called dahh police.. den
mehh && mahh mama ; so we went over dere && wen iiSaw himm
handcuffed tew sumthinqq ; iiJusss went nn ; idk yyy budd dahh
police juss let mehh beat his ass... ; den dey took hymm away so
iiSpent dahh niqht dere && mahh auntie took mehh tew skewl.. ; wen
she qot bakk mahh lil cuzin was still sleep.. && she was watchinqq
tv wen she heard dahh door slam.. ; she jumped up and went tew mahh
cuzin room ; && she wasnt nn her room.. mahh cuzin is 11.. && mahh
auntie qot ahh biqq huqe house.. ; so she runninqq aroiund lookinqq
fahh mahh cuzin && she was nn dahh kitchen makinqq cereal ; she
asked mahh auntie for milk.. so mahh auntie went tew dahh qas
station around the corner tew qet milk.. && wen she qot bakk ihdd
was ahh note on dahh kitchen table dat said if iiKant have one imahh
have dee uda.. ; .... smh..!