My Life would be perfect if only........
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2010-12-26 11:47:31 (UTC)

sad day 26.12.10

donno kenapa pat selalu marah kat aku this days. apa aku buat atau
cakap semua salah.

i cant say anything anymore. any word cameout from my mouth is
poison to him and make him angry. sometime he make me feel like im
some kind a burden to him. the way he kiss me, the way te look at me
is diferrent. i love him so much. but this time is so dificult to
handle. he standing near me but his present is not there. so hard
for me to reach his hand.

maybe im the one who's change. maybe the one at false is me.

darling im so sorry if i do anything wrong, but please dont torture
me like tthis. you messing with my feeling. i miss the old you.