Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-12-26 07:46:45 (UTC)

A lust filled wake

Oh so sweet ambrosia, of this I do not doubt, I should like to partake of you, slake my thirst with you. Bring me thy cracked heart lest it is
shattered across the rocks and broken before I have yet a chance to
gift you with my hand and all the lovely soft kisses these lips do
wish to impart upon thee.

Simply the joy of something so simply as brushing a rose down the
spine of your back can be intoxicating, and I for one have found that
the fruit it bears is as sweet and supple as the freshly cut shanks of
sheer velvet off the rack. I desire to have such a tempestuous fling
with you that it is perhaps with villainous glee, I fling myself into
the your wake, plowing down the walls of Gregorian chants.

None may say that without the beating hearts of all those willowy
maidens I have set myself upon, you could well be the most fair, the
breach of fearless vixens vanquishing all the nights terrors away with
simple kisses with the taste of roses and the heaving breaths of
unbridled impassioned displays of lust that lifts from my heart the
morose glee so presumptuously tangible in my minds eye.

Those deep blue eyes, those golden locks, your intelligent gaze, a
vivacious young woman are you. Full of passion, fire, and unrepentant
lust for the written word, you have something, that I've watched,
yearned and possibly, rather secretly lusted for and desired, that I
find your lips so succulently irresistible. I wonder if you or I can
make the leap? The mind plays tricks, the body heal wounds. The game
being what it is. I gaze in wonder at the future. fly away with me,
let us see where the winds shall land us..