2010-12-26 01:38:21 (UTC)


i really do try to keep a damn diary but it get's complicated (in
other words i get lazy). imma try again, this will be my what?,
fifth, sixth, twentyth, thiryth time? Who knows, who cares. I hate
introductions with a passion when it comes to writing in this diary
(which i won't call a diary because it sounds to overly girly for me,
or just weird, sooooooo let's try secret keeper orrr sancuatery
{spelled that wrong}).


like i said i hated introductions in things like this, i never no
what to say. Today what Christmas (woot <3 ) happi birthday baby
jesus hope your life in heaven is as delcious as well chocolate is to
my mom (hahaHA). I got a lot of stuff...blah blah blah...but the best
part is my family and how they are when they come together, laughing
joking having fun.

What Joy.
What Joy.

Oh also there is this yougin (about two years younger) he is taller,
mexican and white cute etc...anyway you could say i think he is
iight, but of course my ghee ghee and pop pop make a big deal as if
immma fall in love with him and have his kids in ten years. LOL...tiz
funny i do admit but still even if i can threaten him to shut his
trap on what he heard (which i would never do because it would be
wrong...aha) it wouldn't work. The kid has a tink of a crush on me
which is cool and all (nothing will evolve {did i spell that right?}
ouut of it soooo it doesn't really matter)

Ohhhh....let's not forget the stupid bet i still haven't made out
with the other guy yet and time is getting close. I mean DARN bruhhh
(oh shyte tlking about him and he texted me saying hey boo
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this happens on a constant basis. i talk about
him and he text me HOW EFFIN FREAKYYYY) anyway back to reality...this
kid is also a yougin (don't judge me..i don't know how i get into
this age ain't nothing but a number righhhttt?) and it
seems he may be creating to deep of a feelings for me to comprehend.
No offence to him it's just it takes me one hell of a time to
actually start to really like somebody. And if this keeps up i mean
just not do the bet and lie to my friend on it.

It's just...well if his feeling are real (cause he is a player
ahaaaaa again funnnayyy) then i just got myself into some actualll
deep bird poooopppp. I don't know what imma do, but i gotta deciede
before new years GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

hmp...and i thought i wouldn't have nothing to say?? yaa...righhtt.

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