Aviryn Winchester

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2010-12-25 18:08:43 (UTC)

Heartbreak Warfare( present)

I hit up Kaon, with High expectations of no answer. For a while thats
what i got, until the next day.
ME: Hi Kaon
Him: Hey Tiffani
I didn't really know what to say, so I winged it.
ME:What did yuh ask Santa for this christmas?
Him: Sara
Sara? Whose Sara? Why is there a Sara?? Wth happened 2 being
Me: Aw did yuh get her?
This Bitch
Him: Yup i got her as an early christmas gift
Me: Awh thats 2 cute
Him: Werd i got her a heart necklace with diamonds in it
Me: Does she like it?
I hope its tht fake shit tht turns her neck green and gives her a rash
Him: She loved it, She loves everything i do lol, And i love
everything she does
Me: Awh, im glad your happy 4 once, jeesh:)
Yeah, but I dont see y it cudnt be with me...
Him: lol werd, she's wat makes me smile
Kiss my ass
Him: She b tryin 2 take care of me to lol
Me: lol, what is she spanish?
stupid whore.
Him: I tore some skin off my palm and even thouqh i was bleeding she
made me feel all better
Big whoop, a band-aid can do that.
Him:Yeah shes Puerto Rican
Me: Awh you got your own nurse
I wish she was in a hearse
Him: Ans she my perfect size to short lol
So what the hell am I? 6'6? If shes shorter than me her ass is a
fucken umpa'lumpa not short!
Him: Werd and she sid when i come ova 2 ha houe she gonna cook for me
Me: Lol, She sounds like the house wifeyy type
Eww nasty much?
Him: Plus she does things that no one else does, We were holding hands
and my hand started sweating a litle and she took my hand and just
rubbed it on her lap to get it dry and then just smiled at me.
In other words, that bitch didnt hold your sweaty hand, she wiped that
Him:Hbu what did your bf or gf get you for christmas
Me: I dnt have a bf, but Jena said hers was a surprise
Him: You dont like anyone?
You know exactly who I like, you know its you. And your an asshole
for doing this on purpose.
Me: Uhmm not really
Yeah theres this guy im totally in love with, but he has a girlfriend.
Him: Does anyone like you?
Of course.
Me: Unfortunately too many
Him: lol well at least you have options
Not really, my love for you have discarded all of them. ALL OF THEM
Him: Im done with ryin to find girls and likin alot of ppl, Sara's
gunna b my gir; till i graduate high skool and most likely after that
Till she cheats on you with her cousin or some guy she meets at a
Me: I'd rather not, the only way they'd stand a chance is if i lowered
my standards, I had someone like that but his grandmother died and I
lost him to North Carolina
Him: No one meets your standards?
No idiot, they all apply to you
Me: Nope
He didnt answer again after that, and and I dont hit up again until
the next day, where the convo's r less evil.
Me: Hi Mr.Libra hows you and Mrs. Jacobs McCain
Im good btw, thnxx 4 asken
Him: We're good good I just hope I'll see her over break, hows your bf
or gf
Me: She's good, I'll see her this week. Tht reminds mi but idk how but
Him: Kool
Dont lie, you know you think im wrong because god hates homo's
Me: Hows Lyric and your bro (lyric is his sister)
Him: They good, How long u nd ur girl been goin out?
Me: Did yuh fix things wit yur bro yet? Uhmm not too long, since the
beginning of the month? I think, i forgot when her boyfriend hit mi up
Him: A little he still pisses mi off but he can fight back better noe,
which reminds mi, I need 2 work out more
Me: lmao i need to work out less
Him: She cheatin on her man wit u?
Me: Im getting weaker
Him: What u a buff dike lmao, jk jk lmao
Me: Nahhhhhh chill, I dnt do tht, Her man hit mi up bout his
girlfriend and how he wanted mi 2 get wit her
Me: -_____- growl. lmao Im not a dyke! I still like guys and I dress
like a girl! I've gotten girlier since the last tim ewe spoke( not
including yesterday)
Him: lol w.e, Did you do all the stuff in your status?
My status: Suppose i slept with your best friend? Fucked around wit
your enemy? Had a kid with your uncle? Tell mi how you would feel
Me: No
Him: Suuuuurre
Me: Lmao thats gross
Him: Lol u cheated on me wit not 1 but 2 girls and a guy
Me: Two girls?
Him: W.e thats past
Me: And i didnt cheat...I was never going out with any of them only
Me: Good Point( when he said it was past)
Him: Still, U would've
Me: Not as long as I was going out with you, but like you said, w.e
thats past
I'd never... not on anyone, especially Him....
Him: werd
Me: My status was a song, translated from Patwa, ts from Vybz Kartal,
Do Me Dat ft. Sheba
Him: Lol wow
Yeah, feel stupid now.
Me: lol yup like I said, I dont do tht
Him: Im happy i look better then i did last year
Me: Oh really?
Notice he changed the topic
Him: Last year i was madd fugly, i look alot better
Me: Lmfaoooo O. O srry.
Him: My face and body is way more matured and my voice is deeper
Me:Interestinq. I dont think I've changed, besides losing some weight
and gaining Mental Maturity. Thats bout it^__^
Him: interestinq how?
me: lol its juss sumthin I say, i cant really explain it
.... I dnt feel like continuing the rest isnt really important.