This is my life...
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2010-12-25 05:13:34 (UTC)

Christmas eve.

tomorrows going to be pretty boring. No presents open and nothing to
do. No decorations either. Later at night Im going to desirees hous
to sleep over and hang out with her family.

I got my industrial piercing done. I think Im done with peircings
now until i get dermal anchors when Im older. Before today i had 9
piercings. heres how that went...
i got my first lobe piercings when i was 3.
2nd lobe piercings on each side when i was 12.
i got 1 of my cartilage piercings done at the beginning/middle of
freshman year.
did my own 2 last lobe piercings by myself.
then i got my last 2 cartilage done spaced out in 2nd semester of
freshman year.
today i got an industrial. Ive decided that i dont give a shit what
people say. The needle hurts a LOT more than the gun. the needle is
bogger and goes through slower than the gun. I felt like i kinda
blacked out during the second hole. it hurt so much. Piercing my own
bellyb utton didnt even hurt like that. It only hurt for like a
minute though. Afterwards it stopped hurting. Now it only is like a
constant annoying dull pain. not too bad.

I reall want a boyfriend oh my gosh. Its almost my 16th new years
and ive never kissed someone at midnight. it kinda bugs me. The
beginning of the year is the time that i REALLY want a guy. In the
first 2 months of the year theres newyears, valentines day, AND my
birthday. I want a guy aroun those days. Tobin was around for
valentines day and my birthday but her really sucked. On valentines
day all i got was a card.....and he took back the envelope. holy
shit thats cheap. Then on my birthday he went with me and my friends
to the movies. My mom payed for everyone. He didnt even give me a
card. I mean the only person that went with that gave me anything
was paige but he was my bf so he shoulda done at least something!

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