This is my life...
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2010-12-24 06:03:05 (UTC)

winter break

Wow so I had said I was going to put up a diary entry every single
day. I most definitely obviously haven't. I think I really am going
to type here as much as i possibly can. Now I don't have to worry
about mom staring over my shoulder at what I'm doing because I just
got a laptop. I've wanted one for years and I finally got it for
Christmas.....well before Christmas but it's because it's almost
Christmas. Also today since it's almost 1am I am getting an
industrial. I've also wanted one of those for years.
Speaking of Christmas...Its tomorrow! not that there is anything
really going on. Me and Matt get stuff the week before Christmas. We
eat a dinner on that night. And then I go over to Desirees house and
sleep over. Exciting right?! no not really.I'm tired and probably
going to bed soon. I'll try to wright more.

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