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2010-12-24 05:59:58 (UTC)

well today i woke up to C..

well today i woke up to Chris's face in mine. it was me, Hannah,
Kelsey, Max, and Chris all at Hannahs house, we all hung out and
stayed last night, it was a good night.
today i finished all my Christmas shopping finaly and then i had to
go to work at HyVee from 4-8. it wasnt to bad because Ben was there
from 11-7, that made my night a lot better! i love seeing him.
theres this homeless guy that comes into HyVee all the time, he lives
in a little tent kinda behind the store, so hes real close. he is
such a nice guy, i just wish he wasnt homeless. i wanted to help his
so bad when i found out that he was homeless, my aunt goes around and
gives homeless people food and i really think that is one of the
nices things someone could do. everytime i think of someone being
homeless i want to know how they got in that position and if they are
really trying to get out of that position. but im so happy and proud
of him because he got a job at McDounalds the other day.
while we were at work he got into trouble, i felt bad for him because
the reason is so stupid. what happened was he went on brake and got
some food, when he was checking out Dillion used a coupon that your
not suppose to use for his food and this older lady that was working
next to him yelled at him and then told the manager on both of them.
they got called to the back and had to talk to the higher up manager,
they told them that they could get fired for that and that they could
call the cops on them. they just took all of it way to far, even the
managers use the same coupons that Dillion used for him.
before i went to Hannahs last night i exchanged my gifts with Ben. he
got me a teddy bear he made at 'Build A Bear Workshop' and he got me
a necklas that says 'i love you more' on it that came in this real
little jewelry box that had my name on it, i can put my rings in it
and everything that he gets me. his parents got me these cute
earrings, a yellow tie dye shirt, and a warm sweatshirt. my parents
got Ben playboy cologne and a gifts card to 'Bang Bang.' and i got
him a dog chain necklas that say 'missy and ben 031210 always and
forever' on the front 'cuz your amazing just the way you are' on the
back and it had a cross on the chain to that says 'babyboo' on the
back of it. im making his parents a hawkeye blanket and giving them a
little hawkeye teddy bear with it, they are really into football and
they loved the blanket i made Ben for his birthday.
i cant wait until Christmas!

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