I have huntington's Disease
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2010-12-23 17:15:53 (UTC)

12/23/2010....2 days befor christmas....a cry for help, or an explanation why?

and I go to court for eviction on 1/7, my car is going to be
repossesed tomorrow. I have no presents for the kids, I do not have
a christmas dinner. Here I am. I am a 28 year old single mom, I just
lost my job and I have just beed diagnosed with Huntington's
disease, and after watching my grandfather go through it for so long
I know and see what I am going to turn into. I do not want to turn
into him, I don't want to be homeless, and I do not want to have my
only means of transportation taken away. I don't have anyone who can
help me get out of my rut financially. Besides who has anything to
spare 2 days before christmas. I feel like I do not want to be alive what's the point? If I am going to lose
everything, "just like that" I might as well not even try, right? I
mean what for? If you know you will lose your battle, why waste the
energy fighting, besides. How am I going to look my daughters in the
face and tell them we do not have anything? The pain and the
embarrassment make me want to scream, I want to die.