I have huntington's Disease
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2010-12-23 04:34:51 (UTC)

L.H. my childood hero

Most of my happiest childhood memories were made when I was 9. The school
year was over and it was summer so by then I was closer to ten.
I don't think I ever ran out of breath! I can remember running around, playing in
the treehouse, riding bikes with no hands, drooling over the boy down the street, and
I don't want to forget to mention the best roller skater on the block.
Back then I was a tomboy. I had this friend who I would never forget, he
protected me however he could. He was the only person in the whole world who
would hide me from my dad. He was in a karate class and already a very skilled
yellow belt at the ripe old age of 8. I want to mention him now
but he is on his way to huge celebrity, and probably doesn't want the world to know
that he once serenaded me with quite a qute little rendition of "I caught a little baby
bumble bee" sitting on the swingset one day. So thank you L.H. You were always
there for me

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