Kansas Girl

Pause Button Stuck
2010-12-23 06:01:04 (UTC)


Text messages from guy I mentioned last entry:

Me:Happy Humpday

Him: You too! sorry its been busy how are you today?

Me:good thanks, im busy as well Im changing all our logos but i
figure I could make time for a cute boy :)

Him: lol, thanks :)

Me: anytime hun, we havnt talked much!!

Him: Im know IM sorry Im just working through things right now

Me: I understand, Idk if you would rather me leave you alone or do
what im doing

Him: I dont either, i feel bad when I dont respond but at the same
time im not sure what to do, maybe for right now you should give me
space just so i can sort things out

Me: Um ok. I will then

Him:Im sorry

Me: So am I, U have my number if you change your mind or decide
different. You cant push ppl away forever, its not healthy. Im here
if you want to talk.

FML. Seriously can I not get a damn fucking break just once?

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