Confessions of a married woman
2010-12-22 18:07:14 (UTC)

Holidays and then some

Wow I can't believe that in a few days it will be Christmas again,
one more year without a significant other, even though my X
significant other still lives with me fills my stocking everyday,
with something that I love or want. That is so sweet only if he were
all mine again, but do I really want that? I'm not so sure to be

Anyway, these have been very busy weeks at work, at home, juggling
work, school, shopping, social life is very difficult, but I've
mananged. I have incredible friends, friends that I can count on
good and bad times. I am so grateful to have new friends in my life
and bond even stronger with my old.

My new friend Ash and her husband have been making me explore new
things we went rock climbing on saturday, wow what a rush and it was
so much fun, I'm still sore and bruise from it, but I'd definitely
do it again. I love Ash she's so sweet and down to earth and her
husband likes me they both like hanging out.

My friend N and her husband they are always fun to be with, although
their daughter always impedes them to be more social, as they have
to be carrying her 24/7, eh whatever, I guess everyone raises their
kid how they want.

My friend S and her husband, well they aren't very social and they
too have a very needy daughter but not as needy as N's daughter.
However they live far and don't really come my way plus she is
pregnant again and doesnt even do social drinking (when she is not

My sister, well she's my sister, she has her baby, super adorable
that is very independent, but he grabs everything so. he has to be
carried at other peoples homes to avoid disasters! LOL he's so cute
my little nephew!

My Friend Ale and her boyfriend... she needs to drop him ASAP, she's
been with him since they were 11 years old. He's a low life a drunk
and a druggie, but she just wont leave him. IN this case he needs
her more than she needs him. It is terrible! I've told her
millions of times, but you know what she ask for this life. I'm not
one to talk but, at least my X doesnt treat me the way he does her.
Eh whatever!

I'm so thankful for everyone in my life, my mom, my dad, my two
sisters, my step nephew, my nephew, my brother in law, my friends
and even my X he's still in my life in a very odd way.

Anyway changing the subject, I have been thinking about A a lot
lately. I really miss him and I really want to spend more time with
him. I want to be inta