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2010-12-22 01:42:31 (UTC)

New Year's Eve Party

I will be hosting a New Year's Eve party at my place. I'm with this
single parents group that I hang with and they are a bunch of nice
people. I'm probably the worse of the bunch which doesn't say much for
that group I guess but they are a nice bunch of single parents.

Anyway, I hope it turns out ok and everyone has fun. The last party I
agreed to was for the Ex's 20 something year old son at the time. the
girl that was probably 17. She wanted to invite her friends too. I
stupidly agreed to it.

Anyway, this was back in 08 when I didn't know my son wasn't
biologically mine yet. I still had a fico of 812. My mortage was
current and not one payment was ever late. This was before I knew of
my Ex's 2nd affair. Before my surgery and before I had to start
coloring my

So, this party was for the Ex's Son's b-day. the 17 yr old at the time
wanted to make it a dual party of sorts and wanted her friends there
too. I said ok.

During the night, all was fine. No issues. The two younger kids we
actually dancing in front of the group having fun. You know how 3 and
6 yr olds just bounce around to the beat. It was cute and fun.

Well, later on.... more and more teens started coming. I asked the
older kids that it was getting uncomfortable and asked if they are ok
with the group being this large. They said all the kids were cool.
What a dumb ass thing for me to believe.

Before you know it, the house was packed with kids. With this world of
cell phones and texting, all sorts of hoodlums started coming in and
it was getting out of control. The Ex's 20 yr old and his cousin did
sort of help with the strays that were coming in. However, they at one
point had to kick these teens out that were obviously gangbangers.
Pretending to reach in their stomachs for a gun to scare me. Well,
fuck that! I had 2 shotguns and a couple of handguns at my disposal if
I needed it.

Anyway, we got that riff raff out but more came. Before you know it,
there were punks banging on the front door while my ex's 20 yr old and
his cousing was trying to hold the door closed. The punks did finally
leave but not before yelling out their ghetto gang name and screaching

By this time, my ex and the younger kids were already upstairs
sleeping. I went up and told my ex that the party is out of control
and I need help shutting this down. By the time she got down, it was
a fucking mess. Another gang was in the house and I again had to kick
them out.

They did and I shut that party down. As the other gang left the house,
they too shouted their gang affiliation but this time, they shot 5 or
6 rounds from a gun in the air. We called the cops of course.

The people that were there were warned. If you are on parole or wanted
by the cops, now is the time to leave. Well, over 20 people went to
the backyard and climbed the fence over to the other homes to hide.

cops came. Took the info and left. Party was officially closed. The
next morning, I saw some stranded kids still sleeping on the couch.
Apparently the people that drove them there just left them out of
fear. I looked in the backyard for anymore stragglers but found none.
However, the fence was all fucked and broken due to the kids climbing
to get out the night before.

I recall the now 19 yr old girl complaining to my ex that I have
changed and was not treating her good anymore. I'm just mad all the
time. Well, when shit like this happens, of course I will get upset!
They endangered the family! At least 5 rounds were fired! Fuck!!!

So, that was the last and very last time I threw a party. See what I
had to deal with? Oh yeah, later on down the road, the cops asked if I
was the one that fired those rounds since I own firearms. Mother
Fucker!!!!! I told the cops to go ahead and do bullistic tests and
check it out. The cops told me that why am I being so defensive and
that I must be guilty of something. I just told them to go ahead and
test my firearms all they want. Sorry, but I just have a very hard
time trusting police officers. That's the nicest I can be with them.

Anyway, fast forward two plus years and here I am hosting another
party. I hope this time, no gang bangers come shooting up the place.
It should be a little harder since most of these people are single
parents with young kids. lol

Just reminiscing ....So damn glad that shit is over. So dang glad I
will have cable soon so I won't have to post such drama filled diaries.

It sure would be nice to just worry about competing with the neighbors
yard. Or that my daughter is cuter and smarter than what's his face's
daughter. Who will win the World series? Who will will the Superbowl.
Will the Sacramento Kings ever make it to the playoffs again. Sure
would be nice to just worry about the simple stuff again and not this
high drama crap!!!!

I miss the little kids. Sure is tougher to cope during the holidays. I
know I'll be ok though. I feel something is about to happen soon. Good
or bad, I sense something coming. I even have another true story about
that but I won't go thru that today.

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