Experienced Life
2010-12-21 01:59:44 (UTC)

Cable TV

Ok, I'm done not having cable anymore. I do save money and I am able
to do some thinking and soul searching without it. The bad thing is
that I do have time for soul searching and time to do some thinking
without it. I just have too much of it. Too much self analyzing
bullshit and I'm tired.

So I will get it installed this Wednesday. My little present to me.
Good thing about this is I get a new customer rate and I found the one
place where I do not have to sign up for a 2 year subscription. I can
quit at anytime. I do lose the dvr function and an extra free premium
channel but I don't use the dvr anyway and I just like HBO.

So, I will now have to budget about 140 a month and that should be ok
even if I don't get a roommate. If shit happens, I can just cancel the
service. I will have high speed internet again. Yay!!!

I have multiple windows open while I'm trying to burn a DVD and
sometimes listen to internet radio all at once. This little aircard
can't cut it so I stopped doing this. Now I'll be able to again....

Can't wait. Hey... What do you know? Something to look forward to.
What a concept!!!

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