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2010-12-20 00:06:38 (UTC)

Fast-approaching Holiday

Christmas is coming up pretty soon, I can practically smell it in
the air.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Surprisingly enough, it's
been done since Thanksgiving week. Black Friday, baby! I just need
to take care of 2 more presents. I even mailed off the hub's care
package about 2 weeks ago. I was really trying to get it out to him
on time.

December was welcomed with the month's Christmas lights and tree.
Church started playing the holiday songs during each Sunday
service. Even the kitchen has been busier lately. We've already
made tamales twice (practically back-to-back)! Just yesterday I
spent the whole day cooking.

Today we held a Christmas program at the church. We had a guest
pastor come in. He performed a few songs and had his sermon.
Afterwards, everyone stayed for food. All of the families brought
stuff to eat. Everything was great!

It was an early start to Christmas. I'll still be volunteering this
week. I'm thinking about taking some more goodies to the clinic. I
also wanted to give PJ a small something (maybe a card & some
chocolates. I figure it'll be a good way to thank him for taking me
under his wing.

Saturday will roll around in no time!
Gotta love the holidays :)