Experienced Life
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2010-12-19 01:13:57 (UTC)

My purpose in life?

Is this it? Is this my purpose in life? Just to get by and survive the
day? The weird feeling on my shoulders going down my back is always
going to be there? The constant reminder that I'm headed nowhere fast?

Is this it then? WTF? The ex has everything. She has a partner, kids,
home, work (even though it's only Walmart). Did she earn it? She
commited adultery. The guy was a home wrecker! What the hell???!!!

So, I try to do the right thing and I end up alone and losing
everything? She fucks around with this guy that doesn't seem to care
about anything but himself and they win?

The Ex shits on me. She leaves the dogs and out of pity, I let them
stay in the house coz it's cold. Then the dogs shit in the house so I
got multiple animals shitting on me? You gotta be kidding! Is this it?
Is this my purpose in life?

I volunteered for Big Brothers and they haven't even called me. lol.
What is the point? I have a job that pays ok 77K a year and promotion
coming up but what the hell for? It means nothing if I don't have
someone to share it with.

This is one of those bad nights! I feel I'm still in a holding pattern
going around in circles getting nowhere.

I hate this life right now!