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2010-12-18 21:27:15 (UTC)

LAst few days

The folks came back from prague.

I have done heaps of work. Im nearly finnished my new sculpture and I
99% finished a paining.

The painting has really taken me new places. I'm really developing my
own style and feel that I am less and less influenced by my old mans
style which is releaving, as while he is a great painter in his own
right, I want to be a great painter in my own right.

My friends from around here came back from their travels arround the
globe. I few years ago, around this time I slept with one of these
friends, Alesia. She is beautiful and had great breast that were
amazingly sensitive and playing with them was fun as she'd orgasm fast!

Now shes back with her BF and they are a really cool couple and I
really like them! They are inclusive and friendly. Diego, who is the
new lad is awesome and reminds me of this bloke in melbourne called
Jessy, who I love to bits. Jessy became very much one of my closest
male friends. It used to be Nic, but he turned into a dick, Jessy
became such a top bloke to hang out around, even if I felt a little
out Alpha'd some how. But that was then and gone. Now I'm rising my
own ladder, wich is the only one a man should worry about.

Analisa, who owns the bar has got the hots for me. I can tell by the
way she treats me that she wants to fuck. Her husband left not long
ago. Ran away with another lasy. Im not pointing fingures, thats them.
As far as I'm concerned shes a nice gal, and I'd fuck her, along with
most of her class. One thing you could say about the run away husband
was that he hired em sexy. The new girl there probably thinks I'm
weird coz I cant stop looking at her and I lose my voice all the
time... Its okay though, I think. I'd really like to get with her, but
I dont think she'd want anything but a longterm relationship, shes the
type, and this towns too small for fucking around with emotions.
Analisas my best bet. Shes way older than me. Mid to later 30's. But I
like women in their 30's. They seem less mental than girls my age and
far hornier and experienced besides. Alesia, from that christmas a few
years just had her 35th, so Im not unacustomed to older women.

The way analisa grabed my hand when she handed me my change last
night. Her hand felt nice, and I know she's to shy to of done that
unless she ment it for a reason. I think she's horny. I think she's
looking for rebounds, and I am young and handsome and world weiry
enough to be mature about what ever happened.

I also managed to grab her eye last night. I nodded and said hello, my
eyes desperate to stay calm and steady. I know I failed at that, but
not like she did. She was jittery at the counter for ages while
alessia talked to her. There was something about the smile she game
me. So shy and openly trying to keep controle. My soul sings and my
ego enflates. Thank you Analysa.

She's very beautiful. Very curvey. SLightly plump, but in that italian
way. She looks so sexy in her slutty little mini skirt. I wanted to
tell her how fine she looked, but Im pretty shy myself. I should be
down there now. But I'd just look like a loner at the bar on a
saturday night... COz I am a loner at the moment.

But thats okay. I wrote poetry by the river, nealry finnished a
painting and a sculpture and fixed the tiles in the new room. I'm
lonely, but I'm getting shit done, so Im way happy!

My friends will be here soon anyway. Amy and Kat and kats new american
friend who I stalked on facebook. Shes pretty hot. I know I can
probably get a shag off Kat, but I'll aim for the american first.

Ive also invited the french girls. Mum and dads young friends from
france over. Lise is really nice, if shes not being disconnected from
it all, and reminding me of myself. I could be with a girl like
that... Its just things havent moved that way. So we'll see what happens.

Kat seems to always be there for a shag. I dont even find her that
atractive, its just we have sorta been looking out for each other
sexually since we were about 17. I cheated on my first GF with her
when I was really drunk, bailed, as it wasnt any good and went and
cried myself to sleep next to nic as he slept hahaha!

Now we still screw whenever we are hanging out. I love her truelly as
a very good and truely understanding friend.

Last year was a year like any other that we had each other around.
Screwing, doing drugs, getting pissed way too much, being poor and
showering almost never. We make the worlds most ungroomed pair.

I was about to leave to come over to italy and we decided to drop
drugs in the bush where we grew up. I brought a friend of mine,
Grinpukel with us, coz I knew that he wanted a Gf and Kat wanted a BF
and I thought I'd get em together. The night we got down there they
fucked while I passed out on the bed next to them. In the morning I
went walking in the bush alone, letting them work out their shit. its
was a nice walk. Later we found FUCK LOADS of magic mushrooms, by
eating them as we went.

I'm amazing on shrooms. I become the ultimate man and seem to become
irrisistable to women. While Grinpukes and Kat freaked out around her
parents, I helped make dinner, bought sweets, got conversations going
and just did my part to make Kats family feel really relaxed around my
nutter mates.

I think this went a long way to making kat fall in love with me. That
and I was leaving and it seems when your about to move on with your
life, the universe sends all these tests that would seem to encourage
you to stay!

liked that much, but they all wanted me to sleep with them. The day of
my going away, Kats housemate, Tom, a synical cunt, but I like him
heaps, told me she'd fallen for me.

That night however, she brought some young fella along to the going
away at the pub and later that night fucked him.

It being winter, I dropped a fuck load of shrooms (the same kat and I
had collected together) I turned to super man and managed to freak out
her pickup with my open manliness, when I saw them later on that
night, back at kats where I was gonna crash on her sofa. I WAS being
nice. But nice can freak people out.

The next day she went back to being in love with me and told me so. I
edged out of that one with a whole heap of goodbye fucking and got
grinpukes to take me to the airport (grinpukes and her didnt work out.)

A month later she's telling me over the facebook that shes saved all
this money and is off to meet the new lover from england.... However
she's not staying with him for xmas, shes staying with me and I think
she's probably gonna have some excuse, like its an open relationship.
then she'll probably end up screwing me coz Ive had nothing but
streamed porno to keep my balls from exploding. and then she'll
probably tell me she's in love with me again.... And I'd really
preffer to get with the french girl or the american.... Prefferably
the french girl.... If she comes!!! God I hope she does. So I got all
this pussy hanging around, getting closer and closer and closer... And
with pussy comes drama! hahahahaha!

Peace diary, thanks for listening.