Experienced Life
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2010-12-18 11:15:50 (UTC)

Flashbacks at the mall

Last night, I was kinda bored so I decided to check out the nearby
mall. They opened till Midnight so it's good for people like me that
seem to wander mindlessly at home. lol.

I passed the kiddie play area where they let your kids run wild to let
loose you know? Couldn't help but remember that most of the time I was
at this mall, the kids were with me playing at the very same place. I
have to confess that they were in my mind. I guess they are always in
my mind. I'm just good at controlling my thoughts while I'm awake.
It's just these unexpected reminders that seems to still be able to
knock me down a bit.

I will suck it up. I don't have much of a choice. I will get them both
snowboards too along with the electric scooters I already have. The
snow boards actually look like boogie boards but with rope handles on
the side. I told the kids awhile back that I would take them to the
snow to play. I hope the ex at least takes them and let them play in
the snow with the boards.

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