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2010-12-15 23:40:25 (UTC)

My Birthday

Well, it was my birthday today. In fact, I was born today at 11:06PM
so that makes my birth time just 10 minutes ago. Funny how when you go
through so much in life, your wishes become very basic.

When I was younger, I used to wish for everything. Now, I just ask for
peace within me. Funny how life can be. It's quiet now but the Ex did
manage to get a rise out of me today with her stupid email games but
I'm over it now. Not sure if it got old, I got wiser or I just adapted
to my environment but I'm just glad it doesn't piss me off so much

It's just now I don't seem to have a purpose. I'm here and I'm doing
what I need to do. Working hard and being nicey nice to the world. I'm
not getting into trouble but it feels like I'm flying in a holding

I bumped into my neighbor today at the mailbox. She told me that she
had to close my gate last Thanksgiving coz the dogs were out. I had to
explain why the kids aren't around anymore. She has a boy and they
were playmates for a little while. I was going to lie but I thought
why should I? I simply told her the truth. Told her about the ex and
what happened. Now the neighborhood will know about my dirty laundry.
I don't care. She felt sorry for me and said what a crappy X-mas for
me. I didn't tell her it was my birthday too.

So, I was mentally exhausted and took a nap. Now I'm having a late
dinner and watching a DVD. What a life to lead huh?

I'm done with 2010. I'm so ready for 2011. A new year and new
possibilities. Oh yeah, happy birthday to me.....