2010-12-16 00:27:43 (UTC)

Mellow Yellow

Just an hour ago, my Wednesday ended. Best day of the week!

I saw Dr. Eyecandy as soon as I got in for volunteering. We talked quite a bit today, which perked me up. I just wish he hadn't cut his hair though. He used to look like a sleek Keanu Reeves before he chopped his strands, but now his hair won't stay slicked back.

I came back home, and took a nice nap before heading out to help at
the church. Will have to go finish up tomorrow.

I also chatted with my Lan-donnn Pen-pal!
I could go on for ages about how badass he is, but I think I'll wait
to devote a special entry to him. Coming soooon...

As for now, I'll reveal that we played "ketchup."
We talked religion after I told him about my recent baptism. I
vented a good bit about Hna trying to join the military. We also
exchanged some quirks about ourselves.
---I told him I used to think the car knew our intended destination
because the signal lights would turn on, and I told him about my
problematic words.
It's always great chatting w/Pen-pal.