my world of the world of mine
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2010-12-15 15:38:10 (UTC)

alien life somewhere out there and somewhere within

my first alien hollywood movie encounter is perhaps Tim Burton's
"Mars Attack" of the 90's, that was the time were i am still most in
my innocence and easy going simple attitude of believing on whatever
i see or heard. and instantly acquiring fear and behavioural
discipline,..i admit,..i was one of the most victimized of child
indoctrination and blackmailing when it comes to "taming" a wild

anyhow my dad stumbled on an HBO channel or something cinematic
treads are ushered, and saw those gruesomely distorted exotic figures
with disgorging eyes and a slouchy brain membrane in the exterior
cranium, skeletal teeth and strange dialogues, kinda like somewhere
between beeping and distorting,..anyway that was my first encounter
of the television kind,..up until to this day my clear visualizations
of aliens are those on what i described on the former,...

i used to have that fear on sky lights, were my older generation
would taunt fear and egotistically bully about UFO's E.T's, ghosts,
phantoms, witches, flying zombies...but from which unknown to me on
that time- it can be explained through by airplanes, satelites and
planets,...movies during that time is infamous on science fiction
stories of alien invasion and interplanetary domination,..(you know
killing the human race with bleeping guns and dissecting their bodies
with probing machines and the like), and oh! let us not forget about
those giant mosters destroying those cities, who ever here never
thought on how godzilla,mothra, and gidorah came to be?, if anyone
would say that they are not familiar on how the hell,..then i think
they must have some apathetic childhood memories... i also cannot
initially forget MIB, X-files,Star wars, superman, power rangers,
E.T, some episodes on cartoon network,nickelodean and disney, buzz
lightyear of starcommand,and kokey!(its an ET version in my
country's cinema) hihihi...

i also read books that portray unidentified flying objects, alienated
conspiracies infact even if the books that are of general knowledge
in subject cannot certainly dismiss the accounts on the unknowns in
the sky and eccentricity of the universe,...almost every culture in
this world whether it may be by hollywood's creative spectres, to
papier mache like props that are good, prosthetics, to ambigious
hieroglyps of ancient wonders,out of this world beliefs has the ever
excitement and involvement on space aliens..these are all evidences
of the human enigmatic psyche's fascination on what is universally

the universe as we know it is completely vast and literally called
space, a scientific study suggests that it reached unto billions and
billions and billions of miles and still completely expanding, a
matter of fact the second NEAREST star from the planet earth is
Proxima Centauri with almost as estimated as trillions of miles
away!!! (now that is just daym too much, for saying that it is the
second nearest star huh?) and oh! don't let me tell me about the
galaxies and star clusters and its chance of harbouring solar
systematic life, cuz i reckon it'll be a looooong astronomical
thesis, other words,'ll be surely a waste of space if out
of all the billions of lightyears away, it won't have any life just
in a same way as we have, somewhere beyond the milky way...

after hearing NASA's news on search for ET life, the ancient
astronauts Mayan 2012 conspiracies, movies like skyline and fourth
kind and Stephen Hawking's statement that aliens will be the invading
annahialators against earth,..i can't help but to imagine...what do
they look like, and what the hell they'll be doing if they come here
on this planet?, will they be like those historic colonizers like
vasco da gama, columbus, legazpi,villalobos,pizarro,james
cook,bartolome diaz,and magellan?,...yes it turns out the natives of
those colonized countries didn't ended up quite well, now im getting
excited with this weird sh*t all over again, the earth really
prepared if ever the sci-fi nightmare invasion would come true?

which reminds would just go on even without us humans
residing, trees would continue to grow,..grasses would sprout, and
the seas would continue on with its ravages even without the help of
human hands,...scientific evidence has shown that earth before is
void of life all because of the animosity and restlessness it partake
while it forms...human life however originated from microscopic
organisms,..some microbes are formed from the primordial seas, while
some came from asteriods that kept on falling before the atmosphere
would this makes me think.. since humans are useless on
earth's development and its life originated on alien like
microbes...could it be that...WE ARE THE ALIENS?!!