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2010-12-11 00:20:24 (UTC)

Chef Boyardee

Looks like I'm already slacking on this diary.

Oh, well. There's not much to catch up on...
I've been a regular Chef Boyardee these last 2 days. Never mind
that I got burned like 3 times. I still managed to make the hubs an
array of Christmas goodies. I hope he likes his care package.
I also helped make some tasty tamales.
Like I said, I've seen more action in the kitchen this week than I
have in my whole life. Haha, I kiddd.

As for today, I was very productive. Got around to doing some deep-
cleaning around this house. It was nice outside, so I also went for
a run with Hna. She's trying to get in tip-top shape for her
physicals. (The nut started putting in paper work for the military
from one day to the next.)