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2010-12-10 22:53:39 (UTC)

Big brother

Now that I'm living alone and have lots of free time, I'm thinking
about donating some of my time. I was thinking of joining Big Brothers
and see if I can help some child have some fun and guidance in life. I
emailed them and they will give me a call.

The only thing I'm worried about is the two false CPS files I got. One
from the Ex's 19yr old and the other from the Ex's boyfriend. I posted
this before but the 19 yr old was 17 or 18 at the time. She was
screwing up in High school. She is already in one of those alternate
schools for troubled teens. She sat down with the counselor and she
said that her grades were going down because of the troubles at home.
She said that I supposedly went around the house and shot up the house
with my firearm and that I was pointing it at the kids. She said there
were holes in the house from the shots I supposedly fired.

Low and behold, Cops came. Found no holes in the home. I do own
firearms but I never fired the in 10 years. Not since I moved from
another State. I told the cops to go ahead and take my firearms and
have it tested. Told them the same thing I just posted here that I
didn't fire it since I left my trap shooting club in another state.

The truth came out later and the CPS worker said yes, that story was
not accurate. However, I have that file for 10 yrs regardless. It's
just listed as insufficient evidence.

The other one was from the Ex's boyfriend and he just called out of
spit when she decided to try to come and work it out with me way back
when. He got pissed and called it in. Same results. No evidence of
foul play. The kids had to be checked out by a doctor because they did
have scrapes on their knees from playing around. Doctor checked and
said no issues found. Again, case closed with insufficient evidence
but it's there for 10 years. I guess it's going to be 8ish years now.

I was so mad back then. I was so pissed at the CPS workers not
treating me fair. I sicked my guardian angels on them. I remember that
so vividly. I have never felt my rights as an American taken away from
me as much as these CPS workers did to me. They didn't even apologize
later for treating me like shit and finding out I was the one that was
wronged. Nothing happened to the people that lied.

Well, I didn't let it go. I sicked my avenging angels on those CPS
workers. One month later, 250 of them got laid off. And yes, the two
workers that gave me crap was part of the 250 that was let go.

Karma is alive and well folks. I have so many stories that would scare
the heck out of you.

That was way back when. Times have changed. I don't feel and want all
that drama anymore. Like I said before, I experienced more in life
than most.

Anyway, I hope I can help with the Big Brothers Big Sisters community.
I'd like to be able to open a chld's eyes and mind to the beautiful
things here in CA. Got my fingers crossed.

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