Experienced Life
2010-12-10 06:48:11 (UTC)

Scatter brain posting

I did my 2.75 mile run, walk, crawl via treadmill last night. I'm
hoping I can do this everyday. I feel great in the morning and I'm
ready to rock today.

I forgot to mention that I went to a friend's wife's retirement party
a couple of nights ago. Got a little tipsy for sure. I was able to
mingle and have a few laughs. Got to socialize and have fun. I thanked
my friend for inviting me. It's been awhile since I got to mingle.
Sure beats sitting at home playing with the computer.

The next day, I looked at my camera that I always carry with me. I
must have had some fun. There were three pics of me with three
different women. All pics were just regular posing and nothing naughty
but I still had to laugh because I didn't remember posing for a couple
of them. Yeah, I was probably plastered. lol

Finally, I may have forgotten to say that I joined eHarmony based on
one of my buddies in the social group. He indicated that I should join
and although I'm really against it, I'm open to new things so I will
give it a try for the three month minimum. Been at it for a week now
and nothing exciting to report. I still don't see how your heart and
soul can be transposed on a dating site just by a lot of Q and As. I
still think that no matter what you post, the only thing people will
look at as the deciding factor are the pics you post.

I've always been pretty fortunate in the past and I've been able to
meet up with pretty women but I know it's not because of me being
tall, dark and handsome. I also don't mean to be shallow. I got lucky
only after they've known me for awhile. I never could go to a club and
just pick up women like some of my buddies can. I don't see me going
very far on eHarmony at all but like I said, it's a three month
minimum enrollment so I'm there for that long.