Experienced Life
2010-12-07 20:06:43 (UTC)

Silent night. Not so holy night.

Well, it's been pretty peaceful this past week or so. Ex not calling
or emailing. I'm guessing she didn't lie and someone really did pass
away and she's at someone's funeral.

It's been like this for awhile. Very quiet. Not getting upset about
anything. Almost suspiciously too good to be true. I got to clean the
house a little more and I don't recall if I said so already but I can
park my car in the garage now. Just don't look into the spare
bedrooms! lol

Yay!!!!! No more having to defrost the car during the cold nights. I
may have blue balls but they won't be cold driving to I have
been organizing a little at a time. I check out boxes and dump what I
no longer need. Garbage pickup is tomorrow so I'll fill that bin up

Well, tonight is dinner and drinks night at my favorite bar/restaurant
with the group I hang with. Gotta go get ready.

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