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2010-12-08 01:34:34 (UTC)

why is he so iresistable? /:

christain witt. the name of the guy who i am in love with, and who
is in love with me. the only reason were not together is because he
desn't want to hurt his girlfriend. i hate that they have never
broke up. We both want them to break up, but he says he can't hurt
her..i hate that..a lot. we've been like this since last may. during
track. i have made out with him many times, and other stuff, but
nothing i'll regret in the future, we've been on a few dates, i love
being around him, he brightens my mood all the time, and honestly,
he likes my new happiness (:
but there is always a bad part of people, for instince:
he randomly air humps me in front of my friends
he likes to grab my boobs