2010-12-07 01:59:15 (UTC)

Alone with my Thoughts

I always have the intention to keep up with a diary, but I never
do. Perhaps that'll change now that I have some venting to do.

It's almost been half a year since I had the dizzying feeling that I
was rushing into marriage. I never doubted my love for the hubs,
but I never expected to be married at this age. I also didn't
expect to spend my first honeymoon months alone, with him on

And so here I am: a few months, a few solo sessions, and a few
online chats later.

I know why a person is not meant to be separated from their
significant other- because the mind wanders, and with it, the body
follows. I've only gone as far as to stray in the imaginary and
virtual world. However, my whole being is itching for attention.

-Sigh- Alone with my thoughts. Potentially dangerous, but who knows
if I'd actually have the balls to act on them?

We'll see...